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Posted Oct 19 2012 4:01am

From Bangladesh 21 years old students accept  Mbt Shoes  phenanthrene, because in the car before was 1000 pounds of homemade explosives, and tried to blow up the United States federal reserve bank by the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) arrested. The FBI and the New York police department think that Mr Phillips, the purpose is to attack senior officials, is most likely the United States President barack Obama.

Report refers to that Mr Phillips university period, a network security, this year January transfer to the United States southeast Missouri state university, with student visa, turn to settle in New York. According to the FBI, nano phenanthrene, a start has waged a "holy war" intention, to attack after beauty recruiting companion, two undercover FBI agent seize the opportunity to join "accomplice".

Nano phenanthrene, from the "base" Arabian peninsula branch issue of the magazine to bomb manufacturing methods, he claimed that "holy war" idea is affected by the late "base" leader ora base inspiration, and jose canseco will the New York stock exchange listed as targeted, but chose the federal reserve bank, think that this is the best scheme against the United States.

On that day the crime, accepts the Philippines in a warehouse, using undercover FBI agent part provide false explosives is made after the bomb, bomb with a small truck drove to stop  Mbt Shoes  outside Banks. He and undercover agents thereafter to nearby the millennium hotel, in the room recorded crime statement, said to "hit the United States economy", adhere to the "win or martyr before they won't stop", and "dear" describe "base" former leader osama bin laden.

Nano phenanthrene, followed by repeated try bombing in vain, was eventually the FBI and New York city police arrested. He 18 in brooklyn, New York federal court accused of trying to use big weapons, and to the "base" to provide aid, no bail, once into sin was sentenced to life in prison. Prosecutors points out, there is news that nano fe, and "base" have a contact, but there is no evidence that he had to accept the "base" training or guidance.

The United States authorities say that Mr Phillips has been, by closely monitored, emphasize the event does not pose a threat to the public, the FBI and New York city police has his domicile in search. Nano fe in the capital, dhaka, Bangladesh countries family event shocked, the report said, nano fe in dhaka, a noble residential area, the father for Bangladesh countries national bank vice President.
The Colombian government and elder brother first big rebels "revolutionary armed forces of Colombia" on the 18th in Norway some dall held a joint press conference, announced the formal restart peace negotiations.

The Colombian government delegation negotiations  Mbt Shoes  humberto d card column and "revolutionary armed forces of Colombia" negotiations head of delegation Ivan Marx in the press conference expressed through peaceful negotiations over Columbia armed conflict, restore desire. Humberto d card column, said that he cautiously optimistic future peace talks, the hope can through the peace talks achieve long peace. Ivan Marx said, he this to Norway, holding the olive branch.

The parties agree that November 15, in the Cuban capital Havana continue to the second stage to land reform as the main issues of negotiations.

Norway, Cuba, Chile, and venezuela representative also attended the joint press conference.

Colombia's President santos  Cheap Mbt Shoes  announced on August 27,, the Colombian government and "revolutionary armed forces of Colombia" launched "open peace negotiations initial contact". Earlier, the representatives of both parties in Cuba for months of informal secret negotiations, reached to restart a formal peace agreement.

The 1960 s rise of "the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia," the elder brother is the biggest anti-government armed guerrillas, currently has more than 8000 people. Columbia for nearly half a century of armed conflict caused by nearly 5 million people displaced. 1984 and 1998 to 2002, the Columbia and with the rebels held two peace talks, but ended in failure.

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