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Cheap and Unique iPhone 5 Cases With Free Shipping

Posted Mar 26 2013 10:10am

Recently famous Apple accessories manufacturer named Stanley Incipio has released a new iPhone cell phone case. Company is a keen to create at the beginning of the establishment of the company, the name Stanley phone shell imbued with a sense of inspiration and design creation. This work is intended primarily for work in the complex environment of the iPhone mobile phone, provided iPhone with a solid or even jail cannot destroy the perfect protection.

The new iPhone 5 was just released in 2012, and it’s already gone on to sell a record-breaking 5 million phones in its opening weekend alone. When most of us get new iPhones, we also often get iPhone cases to protect our precious and delicate investment, especially since it’s already being reported and demonstrated that the iPhone 5 is not impervious to scratches and scuffs. So what better time to look at some of the top options in iPhone 5 cases than now? And oh boy, there certainly are A LOT of options! So to help make the decision-making easier, here's a roundup of our top 10 picks for outstanding and exceptional iPhone 5 cases.

This case is developed by Incipio Stanley for iPhone 5, iPhone4/4S and Motorola Defy, retail price of $ 39-49. There are many different colors to choose from, but the most popular is the famous Stanley black and yellow. By the way, if you buy it online, you can enjoy the cheap iPhone cases free shipping.

Incipio was founded in 1999, Incipio Technologies is made up of a group of top design experts and activist, rapidly in just a few years as a leader in electronic consumer goods products. Its unique and elegant design is not used with Apple products the second choice, instantly become the best selling brand in the Apple Shop. If you want to learn more information about iPhone cases, you can check this website iCase-Zone.

To highlight extravagant personality, many companies have launched a customized version of Apple products, such as our 24K Gold Edition iPhone 5 case that had been reported before, as well as 24K Gold Limited Edition iPad mini. Would like to introduce today is gold iPhone 5 cover from Brikk companies and a loaded x weapon.

Brikk company launched the new iPhone 5 cover is painted the building, named Haven, divided into gold (75g) and Platinum (100g) two kinds of materials. Gold (divided into polished and satin versions), powdered gold two color options, price $ 11,610 (equivalent to RMB 72,336) Platinum Edition there is only one version, prices higher, reaching $ 14,235.

Of course, the user can accord to theirs own needs to purchase diamond versions, the price is negotiable. Interested students can go to their official website, it is learned that 1-2 purchase shipping during the week, United States postage-free, field are required to pay $ 75.

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