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Changing Your Life

Posted May 17 2010 12:00am

When addicted to alcohol, it seems to rule your life. You are likely basing many of your life decisions around the use of alcohol. Where can I get my next drink? Does anyone know I am drunk? If I get caught, what will happen to my career and family? These types of thoughts can be racing through your mind at any given moment and make thinking about anything else very difficult.

When you decide to limit the influence of alcohol, you will be taking the first step toward getting your life back. You may have the self–realization that you don’t like where your life is going with alcohol at your side. Or it will take a definitive moment such as an unnatural behavior, accident or loss of a relationship due to excessive drinking.

Some will try to cut down on their drinking while others will try to completely eliminate it. Often times people find that these two methods are unsuccessful, leading them back to alcohol. When this occurs, drinkers will then seek professional help. Professional services such as in-house rehabilitation treatment centers or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other 12 step programs will help you to get your life back on track; however, sometimes these plans are not an option because of the sensitivity of your career, your position in the community or the fact that you simply do not have the time to be away from home for an extended time.

The Freedom From Alcohol® program helps you modify and control your drinking or opt for complete cessation if that’s what you wish. This program will help you to change your life by setting goals for yourself and giving you the tools necessary to achieve them. If you are ready to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, eliminate it completely or just have questions about whether the Freedom From Alcohol® program is right for you, please contact me.

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