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Chairman MAO and house prices rose in ten thousand

Posted Apr 08 2012 9:00am

Every year to offer a clear, I will just think about my father.

Of memory, the father to my first box on the ear, is in a commune interview of the celebration of the red army in MAO zedong's meeting. On the stage of the red head is lead the shout slogan: chairman MAO, live forever!

I was very small, less than 6 years old. I will not raise your hand cry, my father took me by the hand, let he and I shout together, I still did not cry out. I e whisper 1: man dies, not live a live for ever. At this time the show has been the slogan cry, a person in read draft to speak. I remember my father hear my words, flung gave me a box on the ear, the half with a red face. Side dozen I shouted: chairman MAO, live forever!

Call the sound of chairman MAO's my father, disaster coming soon. Because my grandfather in the street in that year to sell the bean curd, family was good, to make my father read a few years in the private, brush calligraphy is well written. Radical red guards often please my father wrote slogans. Disaster come suddenly, because my father accidentally write wrong a word, that is the "merry chairman MAO day" written "merry chairman MAO WanShou no life". Finally, be a death more than half the red guards.

When I grow up, is China's most liberal ideas, also is the 1980 s. At that time, the society a bestselling book called "the ugly Chinese". We reflect on Chinese culture at that time, many scholars had to reflect on MAO zedong phenomenon. To tell you the truth, we were not very pessimistic, but is the consensus of opinion: China were not god, but, the Chinese people will build a to god. This national character, in this century change, so, in China make wholesale westernization destined to failure, because of the lack of people's awakening. Finally, in 1989, and confirms the scholars point of view.

In modern China, the Chinese people and create a god, and that is: house prices rose in ten thousand. People have followed a loud cry. This year the red guards shouted and chairman MAO is actually the same. I returned to my childhood, just said 1: house prices may not rise. And the reality hit a box on the ear. The last? Chairman MAO is dead, this is the law of human beings. House prices are, this will certainly a rock bottom, let these chanted house prices rose in ten thousand the scholars of completely shut up. Because this is the economic rules.

It is in "house prices rose in ten thousand driven by both housing bubble derived from everywhere, become the biggest human economic development history of foam, far better than the 1980 s Latin America and Japan in early 90. The Chinese nation to make long-term strong, not only cultural Renaissance problems, we must first have the awakening of the people, be like as Nietzsche said, god's death, we must revaluation all value.

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