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Can Kindle Fire 2 succeed like Kindle Fire

Posted Jul 13 2012 10:11am

On July 13, according to eWeek Web site published an analysis of article said, Amazon's Kindle Fire 2 tablet computer is expected to be published soon, which will challenge iPad and Nook and other ereaders. What features are needed to obtain such equipment a success?

Tablet computers are significantly changing the way businesses operate in the area. A few years ago, no one would have thought that Google and Amazon will compete in the Tablet market. In fact, if five years ago you were asked whether Google and Amazon will compete in the area of hardware, most industry observers and analysts would laugh at this question.

However, we now see that the two companies are competing tablet computer market. With the release of Nexus 7 tablet, Google and Amazon are clutching each other's throat.

Recognizing this, Amazon is preparing to counter-offensive. Amazon is developing a new Tablet replacing the Kindle Fire. Of course, Amazon has not confirmed the news. However, taking into account the current situation in the Tablet market, this seems to be an obvious decision. Amazon requires new Kindle Fire. This equipment you may want to configure all the features consumers seek. Otherwise, such products will be ignored.

Taking into account these things, while maintaining its core functionality as an eBook reader, Amazon takes Kindle Fire 2 what features are included to make it a consumer using a sort of tablet computer? Below is required by the success of Amazon Kindle Fire 2 10 features.

1. more larger display

Amazon Kindle Fire currently only configures a 7-inch display. That is a good thing for some consumers. However, this tablet wants to attract mainstream users, it needs more larger screen. Amazon's Kindle Fire 2 at least should be configured with the iPad's 9.7-inch display is the display. Beside, Apple iPhone5 is coming, more and more iphone fans are looking forward it, even some people have bought best cases for iphone, such as cool cases for iphone, bling cases for iphone, leather cases for iphone and so on.

2. mobile network

Although the current Amazon Kindle Fire through WiFi can connect to the network, with main rival par Nexus 7 and David Barno Nook tablet, but the new Amazon Kindle Fire should configure 3G feature. After all, this is a differentiating factor. This will help the product provides more value than the major competitors.

3. more storage

At the lower end of the current Tablet market, Tablet PC configurations stored is far below demand. Although the store is expensive, and it increases the Tablet price, Amazon should strive for this product at least 32GB storage configuration. Nexus 7 16GB the maximum storage capacity is not enough. Consumers will soon find this problem.

4. improved software

Amazon Kindle Fire the built-in operating system is based on Android, which is by far one of the more unique implementation. However, for each new device is released, users expect significant improvement of not only hardware but also software improvements. In the next-generation Kindle Fire, if Amazon did not provide improved software, it will fail.

5. the new design

Kindle Fire designs meets all product levels last year. However, as Microsoft Surface tablets show a unique new design and Google Nexus 7 has a very attractive appearance, it is time for Amazon to launch more future-focused and attractive device.

6. more powerful components

After the new design, Amazon must not neglect the importance of the internal components of the device. From a quad-core processor to significantly improved graphics chips, Kindle Fire 2 needed to reach the level of its competitors in power to stick it in Tablet areas.

7. multiple choice

It is one of the things that Google can't do and David Barno in the choice of its own this situation. Amazon can provide the above display larger sizes as well as direct competition with Nexus 7 small display tablet. Selection is very important.

8. smart advertising Amazon strategies

Amazon must use their Amazon Kindle Fire 2 continues to do one thing that is implementing its smart ad strategies. Amazon uses its Web site visibility extend its tablet computer to access its Web site to everyone. This contributed to the substantial growth in sales in the fourth quarter of last year. Next generation Amazon Kindle Fire must once again the implementation of the strategy.

9. focus on Apple

Apple is not Amazon's direct competitors, because they are two different types of consumer-oriented. However, this does not mean that Amazon cannot focus on what Apple is doing. Apple is creating trend in the Tablet market. All other manufacturers in accordance with the benchmark to judge, do not measure the Apple will become an error in the Amazon.

10. additional services

Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the most clever thing in it equipment contains many services. This time, Amazon should provide more services or try to improve their products. Amazon Web services, such as Prime Instant Video and cloud storage, distance will help the Amazon opened with rivals. Amazon should not forget this.

On July 13, according to foreign media reports, the analysts said, if Apple can put big Tablet market share it successfully copied into the smaller categories, may soon be under control of 90% Tablet market.

It is expected that IT industry giants Apple is about to launch a smaller iPad, its screen size is only 7 or 8 inches. The iPad will compete with Android tablet now at the end of this year.

Piper Jaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster said the pending launch of the product at the end of this year, its sales in the December quarter of $ 4 million to 6 million units, that Apple will steal Android Tablet sales total of 30%. He said: "basically, once launched the iPad Mini, Amazon should be prepared for the meeting a war. Because Kindle and small tablets are a place in the primary market-share, Kindle will definitely suffer. ”

In addition, Munster also recognized that Apple iPad Mini will crowd out its iPad market that is dangerous, says its rate of crowding out may 10%. He also said: "I think the reality is that there will definitely be crowding out, but its effect on Apple in the market as a whole is quite positive.”

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