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can i ask the courts to force my wife to get help

Posted by cstoker

My wife and i have been married for nearly 5 years now. My wife has a huge drinking problem. She has had this problem for over 10 years now.

We have 2 children together and live in a joint mortgaged house.

My wife is pursuing a case against me in court for an occupancy order, to remove me from the family home.

My wife knows she has a drinking problem, as she went to a rehab centre for help a couple of years ago.

My wife is drinking again, but with me not in the family home,my concern is that she cant cope with both children. The court case is pending , so no final outcome as yet.

my question is, can i turn the case around and ple with the court to ask them to force an order to get her some help. I still love my wife , even though we have been argueing and fighting and some violence. My wife even got arrested for coming at me with a knife(when she was drunk). I didnt press charges, as i want to keep our family unit together and know i can make it work , but because alcohol is in the mix i cant get the problems sorted.

Thanks in advance,

but can anyone offer advice in this instance?


thanks again

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Wow I feel terrible for your situation but glad you are willing to fight. What I think you can do is file to get custody of the children due to her being unfit as a parent due to the alcoholism which would then force her to stay clean to keep them or have to get some sort of treatment in order to get them back. Once you do this she may completely turn around and start seeing things clearly and getting on the right path.
sorry for what you are going through but the most important things is your children, you need to explain to the courts what is happening with your wife and maybe if her children are in your custody it will open her eyes and she will get help.  I am currently going through a similar situation with my sister, she and her boyfriend are drinkers and ended up in a fight with her daughter upstairs, the police ended up being called and they charged my sister with assault for defending herself.  Alcohol is a serious problem and I hope that you can muster the strength to do whatever you have to do for your children, it will affect them if you don't do anything now.  I know this from seeing my 7 year old niece go through it.  Do whatever it takes and get those children out of there.
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