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C+ Student

Posted Jun 29 2012 11:52am
My whole career in high school was defined by this letter, the letter C. Somewhere along the way, I heard that a C wasn't a bad thing, I heard that it was average - and THAT was something I could settle for. Blending in, average - it was all I ever really wanted to be, well, not really but that is what I told myself. I excelled in the areas I really loved like music & drama, but other than that I was content with a Capital C! I heard in a meeting yesterday 'The 'goodness' of my life is DIRECTLY proportionate to the amount of work I do in recovery'. In other words I get what I give. Suddenly those high school years came back to me and how content I was at being average. My sobriety has hit that same stride. When I first came into the program , I hit it hard, I saw results quick and this propelled me further into a life that today is beyond my wildest dreams. I am grateful for that I've settled now though into a life that is good no, not good GREAT . I can't help but hear my old teaches saying: "You have SO much potential" and think the same about my life - what if I did more work? Where would that take me? B+ or perhaps an A- . How is it I'm content with a great life and not an AMAZING life. Isn't there always room to grow? I'm going to keep showing up and see what will be revealed.
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