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Buy Cool iPhone Accessories From iCase-Zone

Posted Apr 01 2013 11:27am

Apple iPhone redefines the use way of mobile phone, and further opened a new era for mobile phone accessories. Now Apple iPhone accessories can be described as assortment, the different accessories from small headset plug to guitar software, guitar modelling peripherals, in short, it is a phrase, only you could not think that, they could not have achieved, as the saying goes, what big birds are dark. There are a lot of good accessories, but there also have most striking accessories. Recent foreign media technology Web site lists the 9 species of most striking, let us to see together.

Tactile keys Plus Stickers is a peripheral accessory, the role is to let players games used on the iPhone, which make iPhone more texture in the game room, Tactile Plus Stickers have two sets of keys and function keys that is consisting of the eight independent. Game installed easily, no game can be removed. Although Tactile Plus Stickers have some utility, but it makes iPhone to become very ugly.

Mobigrip is a mobile phone fall prevention tool, users just need to get it glued to the back of the phone, then trap with function of elastic rope in hand, this avoids the phone fell to the ground, but it's really not pretty at all. When you get a petty iPhone, you must want to use a bling iPhone 5 cases to decorate and protect your beloved iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone Holster model is very similar to movies, TV series Holster strap installed in the police, it keeps the phone in the iPhone Holster pockets and card Pack, but if you're wearing this for $ 40 accessory appeared in the Bank, supposed to panic? And the model in the picture looks really ugly.

So-called TV Hat are a user to watch video content from their iPod Touch, iPhone to enlarge 2.5 times, but it really look striking, really wonderful work is also very scary. TV Hat sells for $ 30, and is still on sale in the market.

Phone Fingers is to avoid scratching the screen of the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and iPad or designed as a greasy hand prints on the contamination, although this device that allows users to avoid the intrusion of oil pollution, but let the user turns out to be a very strange person.

Breathalyzer is an iPhone version of alcohol detectors, users can be connected to the iPhone, and measuring the concentration of alcohol in the body by way of blowing. But this stuff is really accurate work, which is not known, it is just a toy warning.

Actually until now there are still many people does not using virtual keyboard, the large factors is size problem that led to experience not plus, but a name for ION of company launched of this paragraph to iPhone using of iType is to iPhone provides of full keyboard peripherals, while convenient has those not habits using virtual keyboard of friends, but is put a Taiwan Compact of smart phone into has a Super King of equipment. And it may not be easy. It is reported that this product sells for about $ 100.

Quiver Body Sling allows iPhone users to be bound in the black diagonal shoulder and oblique shoulder section to control over the external button of the iPhone. The product is priced at $ 90, but it's too striking.

Cell-Mate Headset is your iPhone can be fixed to the bracket near the ears, but the people who buy it, why don't you buy a Bluetooth headset?

If you want to learn more information about the best iPhone accessories, you can go to iCase-Zone, there are many kinds of best iPhone accessories for you to choose from, what is more, all of them are free shipping, come on and enjoy the cheap iPhone 5 free shipping.

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