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Bucks Ellis 17 points 6 rebounds

Posted Jan 16 2013 7:57am
Bucks Ellis 17 points 6 rebounds, 4 assists, Jennings 12 points, WuDeLi substitute 14 points, 7 assists, dunleavy 10 points, 6 points, 11 rebounds saunders. Although the lakers center Dwight Howard successful comeback, the team coach. Anthony also hope that the lakers will naturally born again. Play the Nike Air Max 2012 lakers beat the knight, the end of the six straight. Previously, the two sides of the last eight meetings the lakers 6-2, the lakers at home against the bucks record was 16 win 3 defeats. Kobe Bryant's career area against male averaging 24.1 points and 5.4 rebounds 2.8 assists. The game, the lakers first quarter with a 14-4 start, and led by ten points. But the end of the quarter 4 points, 16 seconds, two teams into the rotation, the bucks reserve team played very well, and the lakers bench attack captive, bucks play a wave of 12-3, than after to 27-29.The second half part, the bucks continuation of the first section of the second team, a good situation in the section with nine points 34 seconds, henson hook hit, the bucks to 33 - and win. In the first team to come back, the lakers again have the initiative in the first half, and before the end of a wave hit 8-0 to 57 - fifty lead into the second half. Kobe Bryant in the first half feel well, seven of nine shots scored 16 points and send out Nike Air Max 2011 6 assists, Howard made seven of eight and scored 16 points, seven rebounds, but free throws 6 for 2; Bucks monta Ellis added 12 points 5 rebounds, three assists and substitute WuDeLi play well 6 points and five assists, and Jennings in Bryant's defense, feel is not beautiful 5 shots only two points the account. Both sides draw almost in the third quarter, the bucks single section with 23-22 is dominant. The lakers' 79-73 heading to the fourth quarter, they to 5-0 start this section, to determine a double-digit lead. Then the complete control of the initiative, and the bucks the offensive end can can't open situation, perimeter Jennings and Ellis are dumb fire, the lakers a wave of 16-7, 100-80 lead and points. The bucks see runs hopeless, had to change, the lakers won two main winning streak. The basket in today's game against raptors, before the game, the nets guard deron Williams was asked whether to this season with the all star game level problem. "No," Williams said. Later, the reporter hope Williams can explain in detail under. "I just think a lot of people than I play better." Williams simply replied. So far Cheap Nike Air Max this season, Williams averaging 16.8 points and 7.7 assists. But since the New Year, Williams averaging can contribute 19.5 points and 8.3 assists per game while shooting 47%. Due to the influence of the right knee injury, and the Los Angeles clippers point guard Chris Paul will miss the team today against the rockets game, this is Paul continuous absent the second game. "He is feeling a lot better today," clippers coach vinny del Negro - said, "he has accepted the very good treatment, but we still will to daily observation." On Friday, the clippers will play the timberwolves, when Paul can play will also make a decision before the game, in the absence of Paul, Eric - bligh line will continue to serve as the team's starting point guard "we want to let everyone know," Cuban bank "has been officially opened." Yesterday, the mavericks owner mark Cuban had said so. He revealed to the media, the team will be in the feb. 21 trade deadline to Nike Air Max 2013 seek trading opportunities. Today an interview, the mavericks star dirk nowitzki asked by reporters about the library class for trading reinforcing plan has any comment. To this, nowitzki said this is a very good thing, also is the library class before the promise to yourself. "Know that he is still trying to fight for these things, of course, very happy. Dirk said, and points out that encounter serious the luxury tax problem has always been the traditional: "this is he in my 2010 years with the team after the contract to I promise things - for trading reinforcement, continuous investment funds, use their own resources will be the team to create a teacher of victory.
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