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Bryant wants to seize the five wins in a row with vestiges of warcraft war hawks pair

Posted Mar 15 2013 6:19am

James eight of 18 shots in the game scoring 22 points, 11 assists and six rebounds and four blocks error is zero, again hand over universal transcripts, blocks of record personal single games this season. James played 22 games of the regular season scoring this season are reaching 20 +, "emperor" set a record for a long time not seen, he is the first since 1989-90 season routine pre-match row score 20 + 22 games of the NBA players (microblogging). Is a complete the signs in the jazz legend Karl Malone (micro-blogging), "postman" in the 1989-90 season regular season before Penny Hardaway Shoes 22 after the beginning of the war has not been scored lower than 20 points, "the emperor" copy today hail to the predecessors of legend.Mega game review: ZhanWei teamed up with the wolves

Three giant arranged 6 points, start taking the lead position. Kirilenko even 4 points, the forest Wolf will level the score. Wade, even leading to heat again, 3 balls in the timberwolves continuous opportunities to create secondary attack to grab offensive rebounds with a 6-0 implementation. Wolves use rebounds on leading a huge advantage to expand, andrei kirilenko made three points to team to 27-21 leading end of the first quarter. The timberwolves to 18 rebounds in the first section, while the heat only three rebounds record first quarter rebound league this season.War game Cheap KD 5 in the second quarter, barea release fire inside outside shots to help Minnesota will be expanded to 9 points. Wade and James led the heat strengthening defensive create opportunities to pursue, the defending champion before 15 - three lead against the timberwolves 3 points. The timberwolves scored five straight points to retake the lead, two free throws, James wade steals assists after check moss into three points, the heat 52-49 beyond 3 minutes to complete the first half.The second half the curtain went up on the two teams engaged in leading alternately. Miami's big three points, hand in hand to check Morse provide fire aid, even the long shots in the heat began spurt midway through the third quarter break the deadlock, will lead to 10 points. Barry and two free throws, the timberwolves eight points behind the Miami heat 72-80 entering the fourth quarter.James set up shane battier (microblogging) hits three points, "three points" successful, then the heat in the fourth quarter after the commencement of the gap has widened to 14 points. The wolves try chase points, but they Kevin Durant Shoes 2013 were unable to withstand the heat of the fierce fire, ray Allen and battier successively into the three points, two gap has been widening to 19 points. The timberwolves to greatly narrow the gap, a tear at home.Trivia: ha team love SPAR verballyDuring the game in the first half, udonis haslem and repeatedly broke the saliva battle, in an intense physical confrontation, two people who have not been idle, you come to me to spray trash talking to each other. Broadcast footage captured udonis haslem and blessing in front of the heat bench bicker, holding a word, I appear on udonis haslem slightly ahead.After the voice: dwyane wade said made up by energy rebounds gap between zhan huang admits the team before the best stateThe heat on the rebound to a 24-53 today by Minnesota win outright, but they still won, wade has carried on the explanation. "The forest Wolf's rebound is incredible, but we use our own energy to make up for the gap," wade said. James says the heat has been progress, but they have not reached the best condition. "We are getting better every day, but the status is expected to, or less," James said, "don't try so hard, the season is long, time is enough, we should pay attention to avoid setbacks."Media comments: Nike KD 5 DMV worst rebounds record is to winAp review: the heat it in rebounds in the loss to the timberwolves 29 tied the history record, they had in 2001 on December 18, Sir Defeat in world war I 29 rebounds less than rivals. James to enter the NBA since the first encounter miserably lost 29 rebounds. So cheated despite the rebound, but the heat with powerful offensive firepower to win, attack wave hit 24-9 victory in the second half. The heat become since 1994 the first lost 29 + rebounds are able to win the team, the warriors on January 6, 1994, with the spurs in the first world war despite rebounding 36-71 defeat, but with six scoring in double strong fire in 102-98 victory. James scored 22 points and 11 assists are not wrong, this is his sixth NBA career 20 points, 10 assists and zero turnovers, behind only in active players kidd (weibo) and seven times.

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