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BoATeng? Next Wednesday to understand us there is a match.

Posted Nov 04 2012 5:29pm
In the rating in the picture, can be quite intuitive that the Kl Nike Run 2012 game is Air conditioning Milan this year, the most relaxing sport, Nike Dunk Custom However is that this case, probably the most in need of simple game to enhance confidence, however did not get one minute Pato of year, Allegri opportunity remaining to the injury from the Technip Capricorn, left looks performance is still chaos Boateng. Prior to the conference, Allegri stated: "of Bojan Chaaraoui and ¡ã¡ê?¨ª?|??¨¦- literally other areas Pato and Pacini choice. BoATeng? Next Wednesday to understand us there is a match. "but in the end, the Bo the actual Youthful, Chaaraoui as well as ¡ã¡ê?¨ª?|??¨¦- Pazzini behind the actual support, and it is seen as much more relaxation Boateng has been the very first chance. However following actively playing Boateng, still not built-into the actual team's offensive system, although the large lead, he or she tried a shot does not affect the process of the game, 2-foot chance did not stop on goal range, in particular, received Chaaraoui long pass, choose immediate chance higher, more isn't the slightest alternation in attitude Boateng eager to rating. Choose between Boateng and Pato, Allegri, obviously, have their own reasons, however when compared with Boateng, Pato is obviously a need much more loose game to restore the confidence of the gamers, Allegri Tassotti said Pato relieved shoulder blades as quickly as possible retaliation, however previously the street against Lazio, away towards Nike Dunk Supreme Sb Malaga, the house beginning kick Genoa, away kicked Palermo, Air conditioning Milan, everything is very hard, Pato performed arrangements just back through injury, scared the hurt Pato indeed poor under the fat, but contrary to the game, Air conditioning Milan in the very first fifty percent to close the actual victory total change, let Pato performed best choice, as well as Chievo power is actually fragile, as well as two months with out rating Pazzini scored goals in Chaaraoui help, Pato performed, scoring possibilities extremely large certainly. Actually, Pato on a Serie The goals in Chievo who achieved in regards to a year ago, on November Twenty-seven this past year, AC Milan 4-0 loud Chievo, Pato break. Galliani said: "I noticed within training Pato shot, which I have not Nike Dunk Supreme Low seen a year.Inch However, the face area of this goal banquet, Pato on the sidelines hopeless take 1 hour 30 minutes. In fact, take a take a step back, even if Boateng as well as Pato need sport rubbish time for you to total the self-redemption, after that Technip Capricorn? Abate he or she changed within 86 minutes, just in order to adjust to the pace of the game, however compared Allegri save Pato job is obviously more essential than let the Technip Leo performed warm up. Same situation P Jong has a 4-1 guide, substituted for the Dutch performance Montolivo to Montolivo rest, the other is prepared to using the equine let De Jong ECLAC game, but were built with a big guide, actually pull away into the back, the impact won't be a lot.
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