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being at home and abroad. That is

Posted Dec 28 2012 6:34am
 Let's take a look at the fashion show trends in <a href="">vivienne westwood outlet</a>the autumn and winter of 2010. The retro trend of Cloak is being sought. Their styles are varied <a href=""> Westwood Bags Uk</a>and they also vary in length, with chic styles. <a href=" Vivienne Westwood Shoes</a>Unlike traditional, they brought out a richer flavor. Some people may think these cloaks are very funny. However, the elegant works are also not uncommon.

Hippie hiding in elegance
The elegance of cloak is as if being born to have. You only need to choose those design whose materials are thick and the style is enough classic. This will be able to meet your interest of posing as the aristocracy. In the previous two quarters, the most popular was woolen cloak. To the season, it is a bit run out of steam. Although it has a certain market, unfortunately it is not in the mainstream. Today, the elegant has a taste of more hippies. YSL s new clothing in this season is definitely one of the typical textbooks. The length of the cloak differs from the traditional ones. It only extends 20 centimeters in the shoulder. Its silhouette is not an exaggeration. However, its materials and colors are very trendy. The design concept is also very good. Many commentators believe that this may be based on a jelly cup and half of the. The bright surface material makes it difficult for you to hide in the crowd. Perhaps this is the result of the new designer seeking for innovation. Buying or not, it is your own thing.

If you have chosen to pursue old-fashioned elegant cloak style, you can refer to several popular Chinese designer works, such as the LIM PHILLIP tartan cloak. The loose style is suitable for white-collar workers clothing requirements.

Knight style
is very popular, especially in the increasingly neutral women's clothes market. WATANABE JUNYA is hot brand in recent years. It boldly makes an integration of cloak and military style. It also tentatively matches the cloak with a skirt. This seems to announce, this is our time, and we wear what we want to wear. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO respected knight style. This makes people even more graceful. Shoulder cloak in no way conflicts with hot wide leg pants in this fall season. Coupled with the girdling, you are increasingly personalized.

Another style is very popular among stars being at home and abroad. That is with inconspicuous openings on both sides of the cloak. Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Xu Qing and Shang Wenjie all love this trend. Thus, women of the different tastes and different styles are all convinced that such a cloak can give them strength. Though there are few much exaggerated demonstrations. But this does not prevent the sinking chase the heart of the knight style.

Pure play of personality
The looks very original ecologic. Some people do not like it and attribute it to be like a bed sheet wrapped in the body. However, the special elements are added and it seems to be pretty good. There is still a consummate interpretation of British punk Granny Vivienne Westwood. Whether it is in any season, she has a similar work introduced. The plaid fabric is absolutely unchanged. In fact, many people have summed up the benefits of the cloak. That is, a woman can cover up the various parts of the excess fat. But, if you are too short, then, do not wear the cloak. Remember, you still have to pay attention to wearing a cloak. Before the decision of wearing, you have to think about if you should blend your own personality in the cloak.
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