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beats by dre cheap information is of great significance. Agricultural technology

Posted Dec 22 2012 7:28am

At present, India basically has Cheap Beats By Dre already set up a complete organization of agricultural technology service system, for many years by different agricultural technology service mode, and carry out various types of agricultural technical services. However, India's agricultural technical services of integral effect is not ideal, farmers face many agricultural problem is still a lack of technical support, and even a large number of farmers is still in a state of information block. It should be said that India's agricultural technical service now is still in a lower level, there is a certain corner.

Nowadays, India agricultural technical services mainly concentrated in the key content to improve food production and other production link on technology transfer, rarely on such as marketing, finance, organization management, etc. "India 1025" planning committee also pointed out that agricultural technology service system to provide this kind of comprehensive beats by dre cheap  information is of great significance. Agricultural technology administration (A T M A) will also be this on their own responsibility, but the agency main service is still focused on technology transfer, provide market information and management consulting, and other integrated services is very limited. Other organizations usually concentrated in certain varieties and area, and human resources and the shortage of funds is still the only in small range play a role.

India many agricultural technology from the agricultural technology research department for achievement, or nested in agricultural production material supply, and farmers' feedback mechanism is not sound, agricultural technology service content is difficult to fully consider farmer's actual demand, cognitive ability and local resources. India established technique service system reform direction is to establish demand-driven technical service system. At or above the county level in areas established K V K and A T MA, the purpose to improve the farmers' feedback mechanism, and encourage the bottom-up information transfer mode, make the service content accord with actual farmers, but the effect is not obvious.

India agricultural technology service system in the actual operation, technique service agencies in the division of labor and cooperation is still not perfect. On the one hand, the agricultural technical service institutions relation between close enough, the lack of depth cooperation. On the other hand, technique service institution shall bear the responsibilities of the function and the role of there is a big limitation, can't meet the current technique service needs.

India many agricultural research institutions and agricultural university is engaged in agricultural technology service of researchers, research task mostly comes from the organisation's subject or degree thesis paper, etc. The results of this study rarely consider farmer actual demand, provide more broad technical advice, for agricultural practical guiding significance is not strong. Agricultural science center is ICA R invest to set up in the county agricultural technology promotion agencies, the acquisition of basic technical requirements have congenital advantage. But the center work center of gravity is mainly agricultural organization training program, work performance by the organization in the field of the demonstration and training programs on the amount. Agricultural science center has conditions for local organization scientists technique service will provide scientific support, but in practice, because of the lack of incentive and shortage of funds and it is difficult to implement.

India attaches great importance to the different levels of technique service personnel training, but due to the shortage of human resources and ensuring funding shortage, technique service personnel service ability is difficult to improve, the whole technique service coverage is low. India the state department of agriculture in the whole system of popularizing agricultural science is dominant, but survey, 27 state government department of agriculture 143863 jobs, 36% vacancy. In-service personnel work is arduous, responsible for the implementation of government subsidy plan, project missions, technique service time and energy reduced correspondingly. To increase human resources in 2010, India to A T M A revision of the policy, the paper puts forward the corresponding position of villages and towns add technique service. But as a result of these positions low wages, it is difficult to attract high-quality job applicant or long-term retain the ability of the staff.

India's public sector technique service spending cheap dr dre beats accounts for G D P share, in 1989 to 2006 basic no growth. Since 2011, as in A T M A position under the additional increase of popularizing agricultural science and the budget, but each has more than ten thousand people of the country only 100000 roubles budget, it is difficult to guarantee agricultural technology work. The government agricultural institutions most of the spending is spent in the personnel salary, the operation of the agency cost, training and ability construction of the serious shortage of funds. This limits the technical service personnel regularly in-depth field guide practice, still make long-term popularizing agricultural science institute cannot be updated promotion personnel technical knowledge of education and training input.

Christmas, New Year's day double festival is coming, the frontier inspection station of shenzhen port will have continued the peak. To facilitate the passenger travel, shenzhen frontier inspection station to take some measures to improve entry-exit frontier inspection ability, and in yesterday released during the festival frontier inspection at the port of entry and exit guide passengers.

According to the deep port festival passenger transit group to predict 2012 Christmas, New Year's day period, shenzhen port entry-exit passengers will appear for peak. The Christmas port passenger flow is expected to overall increased 12.3% year-on-year, the highest peak is expected to  appear in the Saturday before (on December 22,), entry and exit passenger volume of more than 700000 people, 705000 people; During the New Year's day and port passenger flow is expected to overall increased 10.9% year-on-year, the highest peak is expected to appear in the January 1,, entry and exit passenger volume will reach 669000 people.

In recent years, with the shenzhen household "sign a line" the implementation of the policy of mainland cities, "free line" city increased, and Tours to Hong Kong, traveling abroad to further open influence, entry and exit passenger flow day by day to rise, two period, a large number of mainland passengers is expected to be concentrated to the Hong Kong tourism, vacation, "shopping", or through the Hong Kong transit to overseas. At the same time, two period, Hong Kong and Macao to the mainland passengers will pay a visit to relatives and friends, travel leisure, during the festival is expected to form entry and exit two-way the peak.

According to the festival entry and exit the peak, shenzhen frontier inspection station ready to related preparatory work, has already start deep port festival passenger transit liaison meeting mechanism, timely is the peak of the port, dredge measures to coordinate; At the peak concentration, dahuang, shenzhen bay port, such as intensive passenger will implement piecewise shunt customs mode, ensure port clear and passenger safety.

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