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Basic introduction of portable charger

Posted Jan 30 2013 5:49am
Currently, in our country, the phone after 10 years of development, has basically everyone has cell phones, everyone will be used in mobile phones, but smart phones are also not very good two years before the rise of others, cell phones portable charger is only after the rise of the smartphone developed, precisely, is just this year, the rise of products, many people may not know this stuff, although its functions and operations are very simple,I do something simple introduction it for reference purposes only.

A .mobile power interface: In general, mobile power a 5V USB standard output port is used to provide power to the mobile phones and other devices, and a 5V the micro input interface for mobile power itself charging operation.

B.Mobile power button:

1.Power switch: from the operating manual and automatic two forms Stubbs switch, key switch, touch switch.

2.Lighting switch: Under normal circumstances, the shared lighting switch and power switch of a button, double-click or short press, long press to distinguish and light switches;

3.The other switch: voltage and current grade switch, sometimes for different products will be used in a different voltage, of some multifunctional usb portable mobile charger design of these switches, secondly, there is music switch.


C. Mobile power wire: factory, are generally equipped with a charging head, a USB cable and adapter to meet a variety of digital products.

D.Note: mobile power is the most important thing is to avoid the use at high temperatures, generally have the temperature of the product or instructions on instructions.
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