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backhand seize the Jiangyan Rong wrist cheap nike free run 3 boys specific effort to reverse

Posted Mar 07 2013 6:45am
"Well, I go, you do not regret it!" Jiang-lin suddenly get out, get out of the room, but malicious Jiang Yanrong made a grimace.Jiang Yanrong continue to pack her bookshelf, and finally pack finished her the satisfaction of looking at the packaging is very cute book, appreciate watching those writer's name. "One day, I also write a book." She wanted to pick up one of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, readily Fannong, side indulge in her womens nike free run 2 fantasy. Jiang-lin and went to the room, carrying a plastic paper bag filled with water, he looked that Mianhanweixiao sister mused a surprise rushed to the shelves in front of the bag of water dumped on a shelf above . Jiang Yanrong cried hastily to rescue those books, but it was too late, the books have been soaked in water.

Jiang Yanrong caught Jiang lin collar, shaking with anger, this prank a bit too far, she cried: Xiao-lin, this operator to do? "Then, she picked up that water dripping paper bag and threw it in the face of the Jiang-lin. Jiang Linli that backhand seize the Jiangyan Rong wrist cheap nike free run 3 boys specific effort to reverse the past, Jiang Yanrong screaming up the name of Jiang Lin-back, with the other hand, desperately hope that he can relax. This is a battle Jiang Yang Zhi immediately lead over him to see Jiang Lin and Jiang Yanrong tangled Jiang Yanrong swat Jiang-lin, angry loud Hema:"Geese capacity! Are you doing hitting his brother?"Jiang Linli let go, alert to sneak away. Jiang Yanrong angry, bitterly: "Dad, you do not know Xiao-lin ...""Do not say, Jiang Yang Zhi interrupted her:" eighteen-year-old girl, not neatly also fighting and brother, you are not shy.
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