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Avoid Teenage Alcoholism: Saying No To Peer Pressure: 7 Tips

Posted Dec 11 2010 4:24pm

sayno 150x150 Avoid Teenage Alcoholism: Saying No To Peer Pressure: 7 Tips As parents, we ideally want to raise our teens to be drug and alcohol free. Most teens have been exposed to multiple opportunities for teenage binge drinking and been offered a variety of drugs. Unfortunately, these opportunities begin as early as middle school. Most parents tend to be very naive about how prevalence of teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse unless they have struggled with addiction problems of their own.

You can help teach your teen must learn to say no to drugs and alcohol. Here are 7 tips to help your kid stand up to teenage peer pressure:

1. Raise your teen to have good self-esteem. Praise them for their strengths.

2. Make your teen feel valued. Really listen to what they have to say. Make sure they know their opinion on things really matter to you. Be open and not critical so your teen wants to engage with you.

3. Encourage your teen to have a good group of friends. Be the “house” that other kids want to hang out at. This helps you to keep a pulse on what your teen is involved in.

4. Keep your teen’s time structured. Being very busy is good whether it is working hard in school, becoming skilled in a sport or musical instrument. These activities help build self-esteem.

5. Give your teen a code word if they are at a party with drugs and alcohol and need you to pick them up. They need to know you are willing to pick them up day or night- no questions asked. This is critical.

6. Educate your teens about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, including prescription drugs.

7. Make sure your teen knows there will be strict consequences from you for any drug or alcohol use in order to make it easier to say no to any peer pressure. No teen wants to be grounded, lose the car, phone, or computer.

Teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse is a serious problem that prevents your teen from having a happy life and fulfilling their potential. Teenage binge drinking increases the risk of underage drinking and driving, carries legal consequences, and is one of the biggest risk factors for teen pregnancy. Teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse affects the developing brain in terms of memory, attention, and learning. It is unknown of these effects are reversible.

Teach your teen to say no to drugs and alcohol and stand up to teenage peer pressure.

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