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attitude of learning from Hong Kong to Beijing for

Posted Mar 12 2013 2:01am

v of March 4, in literary circles other members resident held group meetings on the turn of Jackie Chan to speak,

just listen to him gently coughed, no greeting, took the microphone straight to the point: "We Mainland too lax law enforcement, a gang of

director to Singapore dare smoke, but to Zhuhai, still pumping in case of warning! "Here, Jackie nike free 3.0 v4 sale     patted the table a bit agitated:" Our law

enforcement must Yan! "

"Shoot" a bit sudden, the scene is quiet. Jackie Chan look around the audience week, expression relaxed: "I came out go?" Then laughter


Yesterday, the Huaxi Dushi Bao, a reporter asked, "Paizhuo" the Jackie Chan smiled and responded by saying, "I'm The meeting was very happy

my good will wind especially must ask its members to a meeting to tell the truth, the truth, do not telling lies, cliches and I think it's

very good! So, I dare open 'pound the table' in the panel discussion. brutally honest, no scruples, people very happy.


Appear to be more gentle nike free 4.0 v2 sneakers on sale   kung fu movie star to wear glasses

According with the Jackie Chan singer of the same group Guo the Vaga Mao Ji Jieshao, these days CPPCC will, Jackie Chan sometimes wear

glasses fired off letters, sometimes frowning serious thought, looked very seriously, humility. March 8 to the Great Hall to participate in

the General Assembly, he Shoulin black bag, "like a village cadres, very low-key."

WCC reporter interviewed on s cheap nike free 5.0 v4 mens   everal occasions kung fu film star Jackie Chan, memory rarely see him wearing glasses. "Why do you Exciting

things to come?" Jackie laughed: "I am a new member, this time holding the attitude of learning from Hong Kong to Beijing for a meeting when

the other members spoke, I listened obediently, carefully recorded ... ... "wearing glasses is not seems more refined?" the reporter asked,

Jackie Chan nodded yes, "two sessions open end, I'm going to pick the glasses, the filming went."

The over 40-year-old Mr. Wang was young groupies will not miss the encounter star photos like 20 years, he saved thousands of different

varieties of the old star photos.

Reporter saw, the earliest of which is the Republic of hot big wave head, wearing a modified paragraph cheongsam fashionable actress photos,

printed on the smoke-chip, "this one, now 10 yuan -30 yuan / Zhang, but great reputation worthless, like a piece of smoke Zhou Xuan avatar,

one can sell big a few hundred dollars. "Mr. Wang said. Flush a lot of the 1920s and 1930s, hand-colored black-and-white photos of the star,

and now one can sell a thousand dollars, and then buy only spent a little more money.

1950s, star photos more stills form of the emergence of the "Tunnel Warfare", "mine warfare stills, product intact, a value of several

hundred dollars. By the 1980s, the popular film "Homeward" laugh "," Third Sister Liu "works stills by the young people sought after. But

after the 1990s, a substantial movie posters, album, etc. gradually replaced the star photos.

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