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Area time and attendance systems is facing various management

Posted Dec 03 2012 2:15am

Area time and attendance systems is facing various management levels use system, the system and its function configuration to can give users provide comfortable, safe, convenient and fast for the guidelines, the operation should be simple to learn, not because of "intelligence" and to the user bring inconvenience, and even worry. L pertinence Enterprise intelligent system Settings are not waking, and should be based on the actual engineering situation, such as engineering scale, supporting facilities, the market localization, the user object, management requirements, planning and layout and so on factors, make targeted design. The scheme is adopted in the system base (intelligent parking management system throughout the entrance guard, attendance control system, easy to realize the functions of expansion and quantity expansion, design with non-contact IC card act as traffic volume. Users can in its designated by the card within the scope of his authority by freedom and work attendance.

Enterprise intelligent time and attendance systems design basis: L people-oriented "People" is the enterprise management subject, system design should be tightly around people's actual demand, with practical, simple, economic, safety principles, and at the same time, take care of to different position level, different departments need, satisfy the business enterprise management this particular use function. L applicability The rapid development of science and technology and can be used in the technology and products of the smart card system is emerge in endlessly, project selection system and product should be that the user can get real benefit, and meet the recent use and the needs of the development of future. In a variety of realization route, the choice of the most economical and feasible way. L advanced System design and product selection should be put into use in has certain technology advanced, but not blindly pursue is not mature new technology or not practical new functions, in order to fully protect the user's investment.

Other time and attendance systems and the fingerprint recognition system process basic is consistent, difference lies in: (1) acquisition equipment different. Each biological recognition technology the acquisition equipment is different, such as retinal recognition will need to infrared scanners, facial recognition need high precision camera, voice recognition need high resolution microphone, etc. Therefore, acquisition equipment precision, resolution and reliability, etc. Various kinds of performance index are directly affect recognition effect of the important factors.

Extract the feature points of different. Each fingerprint time clock technology will be according to the different identification object and determine the characteristics of different types, such as vein recognition and retina identification are extracted in different parts of the vascular distribution characteristics, voice recognition from the different frequency, etc. So characteristic types of selection is to determine the biological identification system identification efficiency of high and low one aspect.

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