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are you afraid of him?

Posted Mar 25 2013 1:21am
 are you afraid of him? distance north of Hanoi and the spring is so close to the Miyoshi family large number of troops stationed there. if the River City location so I became not an isolated 'flying sub'? so bad at least away from the Kyoto ......
Kyoto? monkeys' withdrawal of all not to mention the Kyoto no soldiers, even soldiers I Zhiwangbushang.
I did not speak, just kept staring at him.
I still did not speak, still staring at him.
I snappily said:
?Here or have a certain market. piece fish-scale armor and chain chain mail, anti-shock function even plate armor is better than the most important thing is it is light weight, only the fifth of the Western Plate ichthyosis A half, not only connected horse armor can also be ... You please! right? will be tanned so it can not be sold. If you send someone to a large number of the purchase price must not be very high, and I have an exclusive tanning secret law! the influx of Japanese! I want to spend great efforts to set up the cavalry would not be naked in
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