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Apple will pay more attention to production cost for iPhone 5S

Posted Apr 24 2013 8:04am

For Apple that has led the premium Terminal currents, scheduled to be released in early summer of 2013 of iPhone 5S estimates will pay more attention to costs.

A talk about iPhone, gives the impression that at cost first use of most advanced technologies, including light aluminum alloy casing and internal built-in protection tempered glass touch panel, LCD touch panel In-cell, its high price. But its charm is irresistible, expensive iPhone continues to be consumers of all ages.

In order to control costs, Apple processor IC, power IC, audio codecs and other major components are used in the same enterprise products. All of Cameras are 10 million pixels, it controls 8 million pixels. The iPhone 5S, when a part is selected by Apple, estimated to be more cost conscious.

(1) Japan business meets resistance

Japan enterprise quality, it is the first in the world. Strict quality management, guarantee the time of delivery, is a model of manufacturing industry in the world, at every point. And on the other hand, in keeping with the Japan competing enterprises, overseas companies are seeking to lower the price. Toshiba-made Flash exist vertical stack stacked IC technology was recognized first in the world, but from now on, cheap Korea product may replace them. Battery--one of the main suppliers of Sony may also be encountering sniper. For the development of communication front end components Murata seisakusho, now fragmented configuration of the company's parts may fall victim to reduce costs, reduced its number of components used in the face of threats. Besides, if the cost of new iPhone is lower, so the iPhone accessories also will be cut down, see from the market now, there are still many iPhone accessories suppliers offer all kinds of iPhone accessories for iPhone users, such as cute iPhone 5 cases, cool iPhone holders, stylish iPhone sleeves, cute iPhone 4 cases and so on.

(2) the unique advantages

Even focusing on cost, the parts that can't leave it, there are many parts. In-cell method to manufacture built-in touch panel display companies in the world can be counted on, vast majority of which are Japan enterprises. Japan monitor companies and sharp in the next estimate will be an advantage in the competition. Moreover, dismantling part of the LCD Panel can be found below the LCD glass for a few pieces of thin films, may reduce the number of these films. Location map software and linkage of geomagnetic sensor field, Asahi Kasei to share first place in the world of absolute advantage, this estimate does not change.

(3) on new features

After the much-anticipated, but ultimately did not get the iPhone 5 NFC's equally dismal. In Japan very active electronic payments abroad are not yet universal. Also, insert earphone terminal using a credit card for low equipment prices. In light of the above, to already overcrowded on the Board joined the NFC, I am afraid, is not easy. And, while the NFC just terminals close to each other to Exchange data, using the very convenient, but this feature, recognition is not high. Another focus of concern is the speaker. Although the iPhone has two metal mesh at the bottom, but after disassembling found only 1 speaker. Request equipped with "true" stereo speakers are loud.

(4) other measures of cost compression

Today, about linkage with processors, large capacity DRAM 2GB high-end style more and more. But mobile product uses DRAM prices higher, the new terminal is estimated as the iPhone 5 is 1GB. Camera pixel increase has always been guided by 5 million, 8 million pixels, the order of 12 million, 13 million pixels, 16 million pixels. In view of the camera of the iPhone 5 to 8 million pixels, if you upgrade, new may be 12 million pixels. Now, processors with four quad-core processing system models more and more quad-core CPU power consumption and heat output are significantly, the price is relatively high, estimates Apple will continue to introduce dual-core CPU. Manufacturing technology estimated amount will also be used for 28nm production, than the most sophisticated 1Xnm behind.

From the point of view of technical progress, iPhone 5S can be said to be "frozen models of technical progress". This can also be seen as removing the "most expensive terminal" sign, a good reason. They say intelligent mobile phone-related technology and parts of highly concentrated, both parts still look the same. In order to become a crowd of smart phones, refined design estimates require a stop to take a look back.

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