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Apple PK Microsoft PK Google

Posted Jul 11 2012 10:49am

Beijing time on July 10, Monday, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will be available in October at the worldwide Partner Conference.

Microsoft CFO and Chief Marketing Officer for Window Tami Reller Monday said at the Microsoft Partner Conference, Microsoft will be planned for release in the first week of August the Win8 RTM version, listed in late October. This means that new Win8 PC will also be released in October.

Tami Reller said that Win8 will be listed on the231 world markets and provide 109 languages. When the Win8 is listing in October, consumers can upgrade from an existing Windows PC to Win8.

There were reports that Microsoft will publish next-generation operating system in October, but Microsoft said Monday's statement was the first official confirmation the Win8 will be released in October, but the specific date is not clear. In addition to Win8, Microsoft will also release Windows RT system that is dedicated to Tablet PC in October. Autonomous independent Tablet PC Microsoft Surface will be available for sale during the month, compete with Apple's iPad during the Christmas shopping season. However, Apple iphone5 is coming, more and more iphone fans are looking forward to it, even many fans have brought many iphone accessories, such as cute iphone cases, cool iphone cases, bling iphone cases and stylish iphone cases and so on.

Apple will release next-generation operating system this month Mountain Lion, the price of system in the Mac app store is $ 19.99, although exact release date is not disclosed.

For the global mobile market, June of 2012 is an unusual and slightly more "lively" month. First is that United States Microsoft published their own Tablet PC product Surface in Los Angeles on June 18, then, Google released June 27 new Tablet Nexus7 and new versions of the Android mobile operating system, hardware and software products. Suddenly, Apple Tablet iPad will lost its place in the future, or will suffer ewrite saying there. CEO Tim Cook on Apple, how to deal with the "old enemy" Microsoft, Google for their impact in the Tablet market, will become new challenges.

Heavyweight competitors with a new price point

Before you publish a tablet, IT Giants have long punches: Apple released the IOS6 operating system, and Microsoft launched WindowsPhone8, then Google unveiled Android 4.1. Therefore, this successively launched the tablet in the industry, which seems Microsoft and Google were discussing good, ready to expand aggressively attacking Apple.

Microsoft's own brand Tablet Surface of this announcement was very unusual, was the first to own-brand to join the Tablet, a battlefield, a modified operating system software were provided by Microsoft in the past, provided by Intel chip, integrate the various hardware manufacturers make various brands of PC and notebook models, from this cross-sector from a software company to enter into hardware.

Microsoft entered the tablet computer market, were considered to be enhancing major strategic adjustment to compete with rivals such as Apple chips. Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said at a press conference held in Hollywood, Surface is a "If you could get the tools your passions to surface".

In response to the strategic layout, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said Microsoft produces its own tablet computer that is a step in the right direction, the company will be able to do best in two worlds at the same time. "Microsoft can have a rich ecosystem of manufacturers, may also have some of the iconic device".

On June 27, Google's annual developer meeting opens in San Francisco issued a Tablet PC Nexus7 and new version of Android 4.1 mobile operating systems, these devices will start shipping in mid-July, priced at $ 199, and is same as United States Amazon's Tablet Kindle Fire.

"Google, through collaboration with ASUS to complete Nexus7, this wonderful product is at affordable price for $ 199 so that everyone can embrace digital entertainment life. "Google Senior Vice President of digital sector Andy Rubin said these words to the outside world.

In addition to launching Nexus7, Google will also work with ASUS to launch a tablet computer screen larger Nexus10 to challenge Apple's iPad. Professionals have noted that Apple iPad brought huge gains in recent years, enabled Microsoft, Google the only system manufacturers no longer willing to do behind the scenes of "pushing hands" and compete among the "front office", hoping to get to the Tablet market "pie". And Google join or will the Apple iPad faces real challenges.

The new pattern of the Tablet market will appear in the second half of this year, CITIC Securities Research Department Lin Zhenmin classified it as "three new": new system, WindowsRT and Android 4.1; new heavyweight competitors, Microsoft and Google's own brand, as well as Apple iPadmini; new price points below $ 200 many competitive products will appear.

In the current global Tablet market is growing at high speed, and in this lucrative market, Apple iPad outshines other Tablet manufacturers seem to match only, not with its rival. And for two IT giants Microsoft, Google, in the face of their hardware partners "is not to force", had himself washed up on the front line, to compete with Apple.

"Although personal computer vendors and handset manufacturers hope food market, into the Tablet market, but so far, except for Apple iPad success, other manufacturers ' achievements are quite limited. "United States advisory company Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi recently pointed out.

United States advisory company Gartner forecasts, Microsoft this year will be new Windows8 platforms take the 4% of the Tablet market, tablet computers running Google Android market share rate of 32%, and Apple will take the 61% of the market share.

IDC expected Tablet sales will reach the global market this year 107.4 million, which is higher than expected. ABIResearch statistical market research company, Apple's iPad shipments will reach 11.8 million in the first quarter of this year, Google's Android camp Samsung Tablet shipped 1.1 million, is ranked second, but is far from Apple's iPad. Hot sales of the Apple iPad, Android tablets as a whole generally.

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