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Apple iPad Mini has a big influence on Tablet market

Posted Aug 20 2012 8:26am

On August 20, according to eWeek Web site published an article, an analysis said that even though the Apple has a resolutely silent for iPad Mini, but persistent rumours and reports showed that Apple's iPad Mini will be listed later in the year. If this is indeed the case, iPad Mini is expected to significantly change the face of the Tablet market. Here is iPad Mini could change the 10 ways to the Tablet market.

1. the iPad Mini will raise Apple's influence

If there is no other thing, iPad Mini will certainly enhance Apple's influence in the market. Apple will provide more tablet PC. Apple's sales revenues will be higher, and you want to play a good role and also needs more manufacturer partners. This will help Apple improve the strength in key relationships throughout the industry.

2. the iPad Mini would undermine the value positioning of Google Nexus 7

If the iPad Mini was listed, Google Nexus 7 may be in trouble. Nexus 7, after all, is the main 7-inch tablet on the market today. If the Apple Tablet is configured slightly larger screen and Google products that fall short of some of the special features, Nexus7 maybe have an rapidly decline in sales.

3. iPad Mini will contribute to lower prices

No matter when Apple entered the market, Apple is trying to force competitors to reduce prices. Apple provides par with competitor products at the price of high-end products in order to achieve this objective. Therefore, competitors must cut their price in order to keep up with the competition. This may be a good thing for tablet buyers. However, it may not be good for all the manufacturers concerned.

4. the developer will continue to flock to Apple

If Apple could launch a new iPad for improving its mobile market share, developers will soon be more resources and time to their developing iOS applications, reducing developing applications for other operating systems such as Windows 8. Software developers will follow consumers. With the introduction of the iPad Mini, consumers will flock to the Apple products. Besides, I have to say that iPad accessories are hot too, for example, best ipad cases. Apple has drived peripheral products, other than iPad accessories, iPhone accessories are very popular, such as bling iphone cases, leather iphone cases, cute iphone cases and so on.

5. Amazon may be in trouble

Since the Kindle e-book readers and tablet computers is no longer to continue strong sales in the competition with Google Nexus 7, Amazon already troubled. If Apple was to introduce 7.85 inch tablet to the market, what does this mean for Amazon's Kindle Fire Tablet? Amazon or will soon launch a new 7-inch tablet computer or wait for observation of what Apple does. Amazon is not a fool. Amazon know it if you are using the current device to compete with iPad Mini, it will fail miserably.

6. profit margin would be a serious blow

All Tablet PC manufacturers will be looking forward to their profit margins were a severe blow. At the same time, Apple in each component in the iPad Mini sale has not much of the difference between cost and price space. At least in terms of tablets, profit margins and Apple's profits dropped significantly over the next few quarters.

7. the iPad Mini marks Apple's strategic transformation

For years, Apple relies on technological innovation to survive. Apple ignores a competitor's product, developed its strategic direction and to provide other companies fall short of some of the features in a short time. However, with the introduction of the iPad Mini, Apple will implement an obvious reaction strategy, on the Tablet market to respond to a growing trend. This is an interesting change of Apple steps.

8. the iPad Mini would make a 7-inch display obsolete

If the rumors are true, Apple will seriously not going to smaller size iPad called "iPad 7". Apple rightly recognizes that if it launches configure iPad Mini for 7.85-inch display, rival 7-inch display will be in trouble. 0.85 inches will even make another device appear to be outdated products, and contrast is smaller. Searching for the best return of consumers is likely to flock to the Apple side, 7-inch Tablet will enter into deep trouble.

9. iPad Mini Apple had a responsibility to improve size iPad

Rumored statements, iPad Mini will provide many excellent features in the Apple tablet, such as Retina display and two cameras, etc. Therefore, Apple needs to improve its size iPad. IPad mini may be weakened to some extent size of iPad sales. Apple must make every effort to ensure that such a thing will not happen.

10. it should reduce competition situation

The above boils down to a matter of considering all the views: If Apple launches iPad Mini in the coming months, some of the current Tablet manufacturers are likely to be withdrawn from the market, thereby reducing competition. Strong competitors such as Google and Microsoft will continue to participate in the competition. LG, RIM and David Barno and other smaller competitors may exit the market because of a decline in sales. Apple's iPad is one of the factors driving change. IPad Mini is no exception.

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