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Apple Has a Big Effect on Electronic Accessories Industry

Posted Jan 25 2013 10:39am

With the development of mobile Internet environment is becoming more and more mature, and the Android ecosystem continue to attack to Apple, the Apple industry chain is under a great pressure since the birth of it. Although the market is still the world's first Apple Corp, its market position have begun to decline, and experienced the challenges from competitors. At the hardware level, Nokia, Samsung, or other rivals by its outstanding product, launched different shock to Apple iPhone. At the same time, in the mobile App level, Apple still needs to consolidate their own advantages, to their own industrial union more support.

The Global iBrands Top 20 selected experts think, closed Apple, once from the products to open a gap, and the ecological chain advantage that no more important, will face much more challenges than Google. Therefore, the global Apple industry chain enterprises, how to grasp the future trend and direction of development, to create their own brand, to achieve a successful transition, has become a key point for the development of the.

In response, Global iBrands Top 20 selected experts said, any iBrands enterprises need the foundation is still dominant in the apple industry chain, successfully established in the field of professional advantage reserves, including technical strength and talent reserves, tracking industry trends, establish first-mover advantage; at the same time, enterprises need to establish himself in various level brand, get more consumers and corporate identity, so in the future development of the reserve development power.

In Global iBrands Top 20 award-winning enterprise, OtterBox, Pinlo, X-doria, iPEARL, ROCK, GISSAR, DXPOWER and SENNHEISER, because of the characteristics of the product advantage and innovation, for example, cool iphone 5 cases, they become the outstanding representatives of them.

Among them, OtterBox was founded in 1998 in the United States, focusing on research and development of various rigorous and sophisticated consumer electronic product protective shell, never with gorgeous appearance or colors to win, not with other brands in the shape of the limelight, but focus on the value and utility of the upgrade product key, to meet customer needs in different working conditions. OtterBox's complete product range, corresponding to include a music player, PDA, mobile phone and other electronic products. Among them, protection device for Apple Corp's iPod music player and iPhone mobile phone OtterBox welcome at a global, deeply consumer's affection. According to media reports, OtterBox will continue launched unique iphone 4 cases.

X-doria is the United States of America high-end fashion accessories brand, this event was crowned world apple industry chain leading brand 20 strong at the same time, the classic X-doria Defense 360 session of the general assembly once again won the " products innovation design award ". The new season X-doria focus on three-dimensional texture hand carved, with laminated fluorescence bright build Xuandong tide, perfect inherited the core design concept of X-doria fashion brand, high-end. Since iPhone 5 World Premiere, X-doria with the fastest speed of global power has more than 100 parts of new, more a listing a month iPhone5 cover global sales break million.

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