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Am I crazed? Yes, technically, yes.

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:03am

I’m circling in the wagons in my real life because I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed again. 

Typically that overwhelmed feeling is accompanied by paralysis. I don’t know which way to move some days in order to release the typical juggernaut of “getting things done” in my life.  So I freeze and fret and then NOTHING gets done until one day something snaps loose and all the gears start moving again.

I’m ready to snap…STRIKE THAT…I’ve been snappy. Snippy. Short tempered and lacking my usual humor.

If I owe you a phone call, coffee date, an art review, a project schedule, a painting, a blog post, a lesson plan for Wednesday night, brownies (I’m so sorry! I overslept and then forgot completely!), a check that should’ve been in the mail, a Quicken tutorial, a homemade lunch, an email, a comment, a ride, a report, some cuddle time, a solution to the ongoing problem of WHERE IS YOUR CHAPSTICK (yes, Fourthborn, I’m looking at you)… I beg your patience and forgiveness.

In the meantime know that I am sending up breath prayers for you…that whatever it is that you would be getting from me (this site or in real life) is provided for you in spades *Somehow* while I am going through this system reboot.

That’s a prayer I know is answered. My God is a gap filler, a provider in the ultimate sense of the word. 

This weekend, I’m going on a spiritual retreat. I hope to shake this off before I go…but if I don’t, I know I’ll get over it then.

I love you all. Even and especially when that love is paralytic and helpless. 




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