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Alcoholic Spouses and Why They Hide Their Drinking

Posted Apr 22 2010 8:12am

A common sign of an alcohol problem is hiding alcohol. Alcoholic spouses who are hiding drinking typically lie about their drinking, often will drink alone (common in women), and are secretive about how much they drink and where they drink. Have you noticed any of the following signs with your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife?

  • Hiding empty alcohol bottles around the house or car (ex:laundry hampers, under clothes in a drawer.)
  • Filling a thermos bottle with orange juice and liquor.
  • Using the extra refrigerator in the garage to store alcohol.
  • Going to different places to buy booze.
  • Your alcoholic spouse goes to great lengths to cover up the smell of alcohol (as you know from living with an alcoholic- NOTHING covers up the strong smell of alcohol).

Why do alcoholic spouses hide their drinking? Lying and deception is part of the disease. For example, your alcoholic husband denies having an alcohol problem, but hides the booze so you do not confront him about it. Has catching your alcoholic husband hiding liquor broken through his denial? No, it rarely does.Basically, alcoholic spouses hide their drinking problem from even themselves. That is called  alcoholism denial.

If you are married to an alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife, you know exactly how strong alcoholic denial can be. Letting your alcoholic spouse suffer the consequences of his/her alcohol problem is the best way to breakthrough denial.

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