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Alcoholic Spouse: Dying To Drink or Drinking To Die?

Posted Apr 26 2010 5:49pm

Do you ever wonder if your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife will die from alcoholism? The late stages of alcoholism is characterized by a complete obsession with alcohol. Alcoholic spouses by this stage are utterly consumed by drinking. By now, your spouse is no longer working and depends on you for food, shelter, and alcohol. They have withdrawn completely from any kind of social life or even participation in the family. Is your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife suffering from any of the following physical problems? 

  • heart problems including high blood pressure?
  • inability to absorb nutrients which has led to malnutrition?
  • alcoholic liver disease such as cirrhosis?
  • chronic pancreatitis?
  • cancer?
  • multiple black outs and poor memory (note: alcohol shrinks the brain)?

As a psychiatrist that specializes in addiction, I have seen people die of alcoholism over the years and treated people from alcoholic families where one or both partners suffer from alcoholism. If your alcoholic spouse is suffering from late stage alcoholism, they will likely die from alcoholism unless they get help they need. For you, the helplessness can be unbearable as you witness their slow suicide.

An alcohol problem destroys families and may lead to death if left untreated. If you have an alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife, do not ignore the problem because it will only get worse. Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive disease.

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