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Alcoholic Spouse, Alcohol Relapse, and Vanilla Fudge Ice Cream

Posted Apr 16 2010 8:13am

Are you wondering how in the world alcoholic spouse, alcohol relapse, and vanilla fudge ice cream are related? If you have ever eaten vanilla fudge ice cream you know that you cannot have the vanilla without eating the chocolate ; they go together, no matter what. An alcoholic spouse and alcohol relapse go together in the same away. You can’t have an alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife without the alcohol relapse. Sorry, It just doesn’t work that way. Here’s an example of this “sobering” fact:

I just treated a wonderful woman from another state who has a serious alcohol problem. I treated her for alcohol withdrawal and then treated her depression and anxiety with medication. She also was in therapy and participated in an intensive outpatient program. She went to AA regularly. She was away from her home environment during this time staying with extended family. She remained clean and sober for thirty days and did not experience even one relapse. Her family was so excited. Then she returned to her life back with her husband and had an alcohol relapse within 2 days!  WHAT? WHY?

The challenges and dynamics that contributed to his alcoholic spouse drinking alcohol in the first place were still there. It takes hard work, persistance, and commitment to stop drinking alcohol.

It also takes support, usually a 12-step program, AA, therapy, a change in family dynamics, and often medications for anxiety, depression to remain clean and sober over the long haul.

Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive disease. It is tough to beat. Don’t judge your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife for an alcohol relapse. It is what he or she learns from the relapse that is important. For example, staying away from triggers for relapse, calling a sponsor, going to a meeting, taking medication to decrease alcohol cravings are useful strategies.

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