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Alcoholic Spouse: 7 Ways Alcohol is Affecting Your Spouse’s Physical Health

Posted Feb 12 2010 11:06am

Do you worry about your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife’s physical health? Are you amazed at how much alcohol they are able to drink? In some casesyour alcoholic spouse may have even experienced multiple black outs or even had a seizure. The truth is excessive drinking shortens your life span by about 10-12 years.

Many times a scary physical consequence from excessive drinking is a motivator for your alcoholic spouse to get help to quit alcohol.

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Here are 7 ways excessive drinking is hurting the physical health of your alcoholic spouse:

  • Liver problems such as cirrhosisfatty liveror alcoholic hepatitis
  • Increased risk of a number of cancers (liveresophagusbreastmouthpharynx).
  • Increased risk of heart disease (excessive alcohol raises blood pressure and lipids in the blood stream).
  • Increased risk of stroke.
  • Increased risk of diabetes (alcohol increase blood glucose).
  • Contributes to peripheral neuropathy (impairs balance and coordination).
  • Causes malnutrition for two reasons: decreased intake of nutrients and impaired absorption (folate deficiency is the most common).

Your spouse’s alcohol problem is not only hurting your marriage and your familybut is hurting his/her physical health. Alcoholism is a deadly disease. Over timesome of the physical consequences become unavoidable. If your alcoholic spouse continues to drinkyou may need to do an alcoholism intervention to get through his/her denial about the disease.

Alsoliving with an alcoholic spouse and the powerlessness and frustration that goes along with it probably has a negative impact on your physical health!

Get some support of your own and get plenty of exercise as a way to cope with stress. The sooner you can turn your situation aroundthe better for everyone’s mental and physical health in your family.

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