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Alcoholic Spouse: 5 Helpful Tips

Posted Jan 22 2010 7:50am

Is your spouse hiding drinking from you? Does your spouse deny using drugs or alcohol even though you know he/she is having an alcohol relapse? Do you feel angry, resentful, and most of all helpless? Do you continue confronting and fighting with him/her with no results?  Do you ever threaten to leave your marriage?

You want your alcoholic spouse to quit drinking alcohol, but he/she aren’t interested in being clean and sober. Whether it is an alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife, the devastation to the family is the same. What do you do?

The goal is to get your alcoholic spouse out of his/her tremendous denial that there is an alcohol problem. Right now, you are a victim of this alcoholism denial.  How do you help someone get out of denial? Here are 5 tips:

Here are 5 tips to get started:

  • Approach him/her during a sober period and calmly explain your concerns. Outline what you have noticed that are signs of alcoholism.
  • Quit enabling them. Let your alcoholic spouse suffer the consequences of excessive drinking (DUI’s, financial troubles, his/her children feeling resentful, job absences etc.)
  • Focus on your own life and activities. Quit trying to get him/her to participate.
  • Consider going to Al-Anon meetings to learn how to set boundaries.
  • Consider an alcoholic intervention.

For additional help with an alcoholic spouse, please click here to get my free special report which reveals, “The 5 Power Tactics for Spouse’s of Alcoholics to Turn Their Marriage Around”. It’s a must read if you want to save the family’s life.

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