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Alcoholic husband: The 5 Stages of His Alcoholic Recovery

Posted Feb 28 2010 1:25pm

Has your alcoholic husband quit drinking alcohol? Is he early on in his alcoholic recovery?

Has he suffered an alcohol relapse yet? If so, do you feel totally discouraged  that he has had his first relapse? Do you ever feel terrified that he can’t overcome his addiction to alcohol?

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Here 5 typical stages your alcoholic husband will go through as part of his alcoholic recovery:

  • The first step is for your alcoholic husband to overcome denial that he has an alcohol problem. An alcohol intervention may have already taken place where family and close friends have confronted him about his alcoholic behavior until he admits that alcohol is controlling him, not the other way around.
  • The second step is accepting help. Most likely your alcoholic spouse has tried to cut back on drinking alcohol on his own and failed. He needs support whether it is attending alcoholics anonymous meetings, detoxification under medical supervision, getting admitted to one of the alcohol treatment programs, or being evaluated by a psychiatrist to determine the best course of action.
  • The third step is for your alcoholic husband to show a willingness to make the necessary changes to become clean and sober. This often involves giving up the friends that he drank with, building a new support system of sober friends, learning new coping skills, and changing many of his relationships.
  • The fourth step is a commitment to say clean and sober which entails managing stress, going to alcoholic anonymous meetings, getting a sponsor, and working the 12 -step program.
  • The fifth step is advanced recovery in which your alcoholic husband has learned the triggers for his drinking alcohol and has altered his life style to minimize these triggers. In addition, he has become a good husband, a good friend, and become a productive member of the community. Your alcoholic spouse now has a good balance in his life between work and home and have gotten his marriage on a good track.

It will always help the non addicted spouse to learn about alcoholism to understand the disease. It is a big adjustment in the marriage when an alcoholic spouse starts on his alcoholic recovery track. It helps the non addicted spouse to attend Al-Anon meetings to get some extra support during this time of great change.

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