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Alcoholic Husband: 5 Signs that Your Alcoholic Spouse Is Alcohol Dependent

Posted Jan 28 2010 5:11pm

You are waiting up at 2 AM for your alcoholic husband to come home. You find yourself eating alone most evenings while your alcoholic spouse is off drinking with his buddies. He even disappears when you are at an activity together. Why? He craves alcohol. His brain has become alcohol dependent. In addition to this alcoholic behavior, you have even noticed alcohol withdrawal signs such as his hands shaking.

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Here are the 5 major signs of alcohol dependency:

You feel resentful and angry at your alcoholic spouse for continuing to drink. You know he has a serious alcohol problem and is most likely in alcoholic denial. His alcohol problem will progress unless he gets help.

Sometimes it takes an alcohol intervention to break through an alcoholics denial. Talk to him when he is sober about your concerns. Encourage him to go to an alcoholics anonymous meeting. You should attend an alanon meeting.

A medical professional can prevent alcohol withdrawal and prescribe medications for alcohol cravings as well. A 12 step program can help support his decision to quit and help him maintain sobriety if he works the 12 step program.

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