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Alcohol Treatment and the Role of Anti Craving Medications

Posted May 14 2009 4:37pm

In a previous post about anti-craving medication, we discussed many medications that might be used to help combat alcoholism.  Anti-craving medication is a critical tool in the Freedom From Alcohol® Method; however, the program is much more than just a prescription to end your abuse of or dependence on alcohol.

Alcoholism is not caused by a missing chemical that can be replaced or permanently regulated by medication.  That said, anti-craving medication is a very useful part of the treatment of alcohol abuse or dependence and can help reduce the urge to drink alcohol or overindulge.  Even if you are attempting to curtail your drinking through abstinence, it’s not always easy to avoid social situations where alcohol is served. Anti-craving medication – along with a proven program – will help you see past the opportunity to drink and help you focus on what is best for your well being.

For example, many professionals feel pressure to participate in informal “Happy Hours” and formal client gatherings.  In reality, busy professionals who are trying to balance the reality of abuse or dependence and the need to be visible outside of the workplace often choose career ambition before well-being.  Unfortunately, alcohol abuse or dependence and a positive career path are usually mutually exclusive and those who feel compelled to attend these functions can damage their careers and their health. 

Anti-craving medications administered in alcohol treatment programs help patients resist the urge to drink and can help reduce binge drinking.  More importantly, over time, these medications clear the fog of alcohol so that the root cause of the alcoholism can be identified and treated.  Once control over alcohol is attained, a new life plan and journey can begin.

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