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Alcohol Relapse on Thanksgiving? Say No to Holiday Drinking!

Posted Nov 22 2009 10:04pm

How to quit drinking around Thanksgiving. How? You  just quit drinking alcohol one week ago. it’s been so hard. The alcohol cravings are intense. Your first thought when you get home is “I deserve to relax. Just one drink. It has been been such a long, stressful day.” You have been drinking after work for so many years. You don’t even know what to do with yourself. You’re restless. You just don’t feel right. You don’t know what to do with yourself. You call someone from AA and he tells you to make a milkshake- that the feeling of being full will help you get past the alcohol craving. Does it?

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Phew! It worked.

You are only 4 days away from Thanksgiving with your wife’s family. Her father drinks like a fish. Are you kidding yourself? No alcohol on Thanksgiving? How in the world can you avoid the temptation? Your first thought is, “Maybe I will just set a new sobriety date starting after the holidays. It’s no big deal. It’s just like setting my car’s trip meter to zero.”


Stop this way of thinking. That’s alcoholic behavior (addict thinking).



To think in a new way, change your attitude. How can you meet this challenge and overcome this obstacle? Bring your own non-alcoholic drink. Tell your wife’s family about your new sobriety and try and elicit support. Maybe they will quit drinking alcohol in front of you, maybe not. At the very least, maybe they will not “pester” you to drink with them. Focus on the spirit of the holiday which is giving thanks (Thanksgiving). Be thankful for your family, your children, your parents, those who love you, your work, your health, and your one week of sobriety. Count your blessings.

Do not give thanks away by losing your sobriety. Choose being clean and sober, your self esteem, your health, and your family over a few hours of the illusion of pleasure- only to disappoint yourself and those who love you.

Be strong and have a  Happy Thanksgiving.

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