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Alcohol Dependence: Denial With a Vengeance

Posted Dec 18 2009 8:32am 2 Comments
Many people who have an alcohol problem fool themselves into believing they do not. In their minds, they have their excessive drinking under control. The level of denial can be truly unbelievable to family and friends that care about the alcoholic.

Examples of denial:

“I have it under control. I can stop if I want to, I just choose not to.”
“All my friends drink to. As a matter of fact, they drink more than me.”

Are you or someone you know in denial about his/her excessive drinking?

(If you or someone you know has a parent or spouse with an alcohol problem, please click here to get my free special report on avoiding the 5 mistakes spouse’s of alcoholics make. It ’s a must read!).

Hints that you have alcohol dependence include:

  • Are you hiding your drinking from anyone?
  • Do you get defensive if your spouse, a friend, or your parents bring up your drinking?
  • Do you lie about your drinking? (A British government survey of 2000 people found that 39% of problem drinkers lie about how much they drink to almost everyone including their own doctor).
  • Have you had any consequences from your drinking like job loss, DWI, or problems on your physical exam?
  • Have you tried to quit, but are unable to?
  • Have you noticed that it takes more alcohol to get the effect you want? It used to take 1-2, now it takes 3-5 drinks.
  • Do you think about alcohol during the day and look forward to the opportunity to drink as soon as you can?
  • Are you unable to imagine your life without alcohol?

If you answered yes to many of these questions, you are most likely an alcoholic and need alcohol addiction treatment. Your honest answers are the first step toward getting help for your alcohol dependence. Go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to get peer support. Seek professional help to quit drinking alcohol (i.e. psychiatrist, internist) who can help you “detox”. A doctor will help you stop drinking alcohol in a safe manner so you can avoid any dangerous alcohol withdrawal symptoms..”


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It is usually difficult for a person growing up and witnesses a loved one hooked on drug and alcohol.They are the roots or reasons why they broke up, why some of their children became drug addict and alcoholics themselves and others do anything just to follow their vices. It's better to send your love ones to a drug or alcohol rehab center, before they're drown with this addictive traits.
I totally agree with this. I treat a lot of people who have turned their life around after being in a treatment center. 
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