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Al-Anon Meeting Here!

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:55am

How about this idea? It's borrowed - this is true - so I recognize this already. In fact, my best ideas are someone elses'!

How about an Al-Anon Meeting here this weekend? Every weekend. Here's how I propose it works;

  1. Someone suggests a topic on Thursday. First one who suggests the topic will be chosen.
  2. The Meeting starts at Friday 6PM Eastern. It will run through Sunday 6PM Eastern.
  3. I will set up the Topic before 6PM Eastern or right on time (depending where I may be)
  4. Anyone can join.
  5. Unlike Al-Anon meetings, cross-talkis allowed (talking to each other; commenting about what others said, etc) . In fact it is encouraged!
  6. Of course, not evaluating each other negatively. Share the love and faith. Provide ENcouragement (give courage to others).
  7. You can discuss your feelings on the topic. You can talk about something else if you have it on your mind. And of course discuss a burning desire.
  8. Unlike Al-Anon meetings - You can eat will talking.
  9. Unlike Al-Anon meetings - You can comment MULTIPLE times

Can I get anyone to agree? Or do I have the shortest Al-Anon Meeting in history?Don't leave me hanging friends!

Also, there are people from across the country and in other countries across the world who have contacted me about Al-Anon "thing". . . This maybe a chance for you to attend a meeting to see what it is like (of course, it will not have the same affect.)

Please send your "OK this is interesting and I'd like to try it" or a minimum a Topic!!!

Thanks and God Bless YOU!!

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