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Ah, Fall :-)

Posted Sep 12 2011 8:44pm

My flowers are blooming again with the cooler weather. The windows are open rather than the A/C being on. A few leaves on my shade tree are turning gold. I can move my office off the dining room table and back upstairs. I love it. I made it through another summer.

I also made it through some rough weeks there in August when my thoughts and emotions were riding the roller-coaster in my head. I have a new service position that requires a lot of paperwork but also a lot of contact with other people, which is the hard part for me.

I would contact someone and wonder what was wrong with me when they didn't get back to me. I'd lay awake at night worried I had said or done something wrong. Then I learned to pray for that person rather than worry about it and, voila, almost like magic, they would get back to me and even say something nice.

We also have a happy occasion coming up in our family, which is great but stressful. I found myself obsessing about that, too, even when the details are not up to me. I only have to take care of my part, which isn't putting out fires from circumstances and spats between my children. I found myself saying the Serenity Prayer to get to sleep.

Funny thing about asking for serenity - I get it. I'm able to let go of the craziness I feel and let the coolness of God's hand rest on my forehead. I made it through the hot summer again as well as some sticky situations. Just for today, life is good. 

posted by Anonymous @ 6:44 PM

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