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A three-point banker legion: injuries unceasingly, after more than a three-point banker magic experience of age

Posted Jan 23 2013 3:11am
Howard lost for magic is or is not a fatal blow? It will have to see they can in the future a year or two in the draft to clean out treasure what, Howard this trouble to Los Angeles in the hands of the Orlando magic, now need to worry about the problem is the second year around career is averaging 11.7 points and 11.1 rebounds wu's cutting and Cheap Kobe 6 glen Davis build team or continue to wait for the new core, after star life is always difficult, the last time they are giving away t-mac (micro bo) that summer will have "warcraft", this time the goddess of fortune will also appear in over Orlando? The same is not the core players, wizards than the magic lucky, because in the world of his six games they win 4 games, return momentum and obvious, to know after 23 games wizards but only five games to win, so far they are also the league games only a number less than 10 field team, but theo comebacks wizards the tough second group become more terrible, of course, for this year summer legend potential star gathered's draft, we also have reason to believe that the next half of the season, the wizards will and the two teams on top of the sign for the war. For some young squad is the capital, such as thunder, for some other team is a torment, such as charlotte and knight, the former team even young to was only eight years time, although there are "the basketball gods" Michael Jordan as a boss, but only walker, Henderson, return MuLunSi they can only continue to draft the market into the cast, fortunately walker ushered in his career best years, and he and Henderson Cheap Air Foamposite One if can in the next two seasons quickly mature, perhaps the bobcats team can review the playoffs three years ago the sweet moment. It was in the summer, the cavaliers lost lebron, the next summer, Owen airborne Cleveland become the team's new hope, the cavaliers, core players, including Michael Owen, vitesse, Thompson, even ze's original is "90", they will repeat the Portland trail blazers team that rate, thunder youth fights the legend of rocket science? Or in the summer of 2014, with a group of young players have airness, waiting for lebron's "the return of the king"? Local time on Monday, the SUNS center o 'neal and general manager lance blanc in the manager's office, happened the fierce conflict, two people almost having a real fist fight. At present, the general manager of the SUNS, blanc has not made any response. "The situation is very bad," according to the SUNS from internal news. Shaq and general manager lance blanc, the conflicts in temporary coach lindsay - hunter's first training, shaq and blanc, quarrel happened, many SUNS Nike Zoom Rookie LWP player in the dressing room can hear the sound of two people quarrel. It is reported, o 'neal the and management make unpleasant, the main reason is a former SUNS coach fired things, the sun after the team appointed hunt for interim head coach. Although o 'neal and hunter what is there between enemy but o 'neal very ZhiChiJin terry, the gold terry class is over, let o 'neal was very unhappy. In addition to gold terry o 'neal unhappy with the class, but the SUNS point guard krstajic Della also not satisfied with the management make the decision of the class gold terry. According to the latest news, o 'neal local time missed the game on Tuesday, he will miss the SUNS and Kings game. O 'neal was played in the Portland trail blazers provided, indiana, Toronto raptors, Miami heat, the Boston celtics, and now he was playing the phoenix SUNS. O 'neal is 96 golden generation of representative character, he and kobe Bryant, is also as high school students join the alliance, in his career, of o 'neal in indiana pacers reached the peak of his career, in indiana, o 'neal was is the league's top power forward, then he even MVP contender. This season o 'neal averaging to SUNS contribute Cheap Nike Air Max Hyperposite 6.4 points and four rebounds, and this is his 16th NBA season. Small he played again good condition, a lot of people will be its due to the sun's medical staff before, often suffer injury blow veteran hill in the career in the second spring, now and again small Olympic glow vitality, it's no wonder we admire the sun from the magic. However, the small shaq and the team's general manager fell out, don't know whether he could stay in the sun long team.
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