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A main body womens broncos jerseys colour is the colour of the most out of body color

Posted Dec 10 2012 7:38am

Japanese Fashion Dress Cheap Broncos Jerseys Collocation Skill

Especially when the wholesale korean fashion spring up, the korean fashion and korean fashion collocation in dress have leaded the main trend of fashion collocation. If you want to buy an asian fashion, most of us should learn to collocate the dress first.

We know, dress colour collocation, can show the quality of a person's ability in dress. "Not much, and harmony, beauty of color matching method, not only can be fixed, conceal the figure is insufficient, and can emphasize highlight your strengths. Therefore, as a fashion expert, should also must master dress colour collocation skill, let oneself more perfect outfit.

Clothes with tips 1: grasp the main color, secondary color, decorative use of color

A main body womens broncos jerseys colour is the colour of the most out of body color, 60% of the area. Usually a suit, coat, coat, pants, skirts, and so on.

B auxiliary color is tie-in color, the color of the whole area is about forty percent. They are usually single coat, coat, shirt, vest, etc.

C ornament colour generally only 5% - 15%of the whole area. They usually with silk, shoes, etc, will play, the picture dragon points. Use of color is the ornament of Japan, South Korea, France's most women show their skills. According to the statistics, the world women's skill, Japanese women most jewelry is silk and silk, they will make different styles of dress collocation, and will allow you to pay attention to their face, French woman most jewelry is brooch, using the brooch of romance. (note: clothes must not much, also need not pattern 100, had better choose concise style, deserve to display space left to reflect dress collocation skill and grade hobby).

Dress collocation skill 2: natural color collocation method custom broncos jerseys

A warm color fastens except yellow, orange, yellow in color for all the colors are warm color department. Warm color department can give a person luxuriant, mature, vigorous, and the warm color tone suits have no color of color photograph collocation, besides white, black, had better use the color of camel's hair, brown, brown.

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