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A Life Strategist Will Get You Back On Track Fast – Too Much Time Has Already Been Wasted

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:02pm

As you progresses through recovery, life once again begins to take on some normality and routine is a welcome by product of this. As each new day passes, you strive to accomplish as much as possible in any twenty-four hour period. Initially it is exciting rediscovering things with a sober eye and perhaps trying new things as well.

As time goes on you may begin to notice a certain melancholy when doing some mundane task that takes you back to before your drinking got out of hand. This task may be more difficult than you remember it being or not taking as long to complete. One thing is apparent, you realize now how much time you wasted on drinking, how much time has passed, and how much you have to make up for.


Unless you have a plan in advance, you may end up searching for something meaningless like a feral cat chasing flies in a field. You’ll end up jumping from one thing to another all in the name of making up for lost time and never achieving anything fulfilling. Fortunately, there are trained professionals whose sole objective is to give some perspective to the new life you are experiencing and provide some clarity to your future.


Getting sober or modifying your drinking behavior, these are important steps in a process of redevelopment that you are undergoing and imperative to positive progress. Life Strategies or Life Design by a qualified expert is the next level of the process of recovery that many problem drinkers and alcoholics either choose not to recognize or don’t realize is available to them. Once the compulsion to drink phase of recovery has passed, it begins to get easier to just get on with things, thankful for the ability to see clearly again through healthy eyes and a grateful heart. For some this may be enough.


For others this is just the beginning of a surge of excitement that will spark enthusiastic participation in all that lost time has delayed. Having some sort of structured plan of action and the tools to fully enjoy your new life can make a substantial difference just now. I’m talking about giving yourself every opportunity to be successful at whatever direction your new life is taking you.


This surge of well being needs to be channeled in a manner that allows you to take calculated risks, perhaps starting over in a new career, opening a new business or redesigning your current personal “track”. Advice from an expert who can assist in charting out your plan, offer an alternate opinion or be the voice of reason and second thought can be invaluable.


The unfortunate thing about abusive drinking is that it seems to occur in the prime of many people’s lives. If your problematic drinking started in your early thirties and the problem existed unchecked for four or five years you could be closing in on age forty by the time you get a grip on reality once more. Living with a drinking problem for five or ten years isn’t unusual and these years lost to drinking can mean other life priorities will be delayed.


Things like starting a family, financially investing in your future security, or promotions at work all may suffer due to uncontrolled drinking. When you finally do have power over your life once again and realize the clock was still ticking while you were drunk, the urge to make up for lost time could lead to even further mistakes while sober. This is where a Life Strategist can assist you from the point of entry into your new life and help you achieve what you really need to make the most of the valuable time you have remaining.


Rest assured the clock will still keep ticking even in sobriety. Having some situational support from a professional, an individual trained in redesigning lives after drinking will not only make your renewed commitment to sobriety easier to maintain, but also aid you in making difficult life decisions at a time when you may need this help the most.


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