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A central criticism of intelligence tests is that psychologists

Posted Dec 05 2012 7:54am

What are the advantages and disadvantages cheap ugg boots of iq test

Intelligence tests are psychological tests that are designed to measure a variety cheap uggs of mental functions, such as reasoning, comprehension, and judgment.

The goal of intelligence tests is to obtain an idea of the person's intellectual potential. The tests center around a set of stimuli designed to yield a score based on the test maker's model of what makes up intelligence. Intelligence tests are often given as a part of a battery ugg boots outlet 5809 of tests.

Precautions uggsugg sparkle boots

There are many different types of intelligence tests and they all do not measure the same abilities. Although the tests often have aspects that are related with each other, one ugg boots outlet should not expect that scores from one intelligence test, that measures a single factor, will be similar to scores on another intelligence test, that measures a variety of factors. Also, when determining whether or not to use an intelligence test, a person should make sure that the test has been adequately developed and has solid research to show its reliability and validity. Additionally, psychometric testing requires a clinically trained examiner. Therefore, the test should only be administered and interpreted by a trained professional.

A central criticism of intelligence tests is that psychologists and educators use these tests to distribute cheap ugg boots 5251 the limited resources of our society. These test results are used to provide rewards such as special classes for gifted students, admission to college, and employment. Those who do not qualify for these resources based on intelligence test scores may feel angry and as if the tests are denying them opportunities for success. Unfortunately, intelligence test scores have not only become associated with a person's ability to perform certain tasks, but with self-worth.

Many people are under the false assumption that intelligence tests measure a person's inborn or biological intelligence. Intelligence tests are based on an individual's interaction with the environment and never exclusively measure inborn intelligence. Intelligence tests have been associated with categorizing ugg sparkle boots 5450 and stereotyping people. Additionally, knowledge of one's performance on an intelligence test may affect a person's aspirations and motivation to obtain goals. Intelligence tests can be culturally biased against certain groups.

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