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8 Ways A Recovering Alcoholic Will Enjoy their Freedom From Alcohol

Posted Sep 29 2008 4:54pm

It took me a good six months before I enjoyed my first morning of freedom from alcohol and a feeling of well being that told me the hard part was over.

Some take longer and some less time to feel the initial stirring of serenity and peace flow through their bodies. There is a slight feeling of anticipation tempered by a subtle anxiousness because of the unknowns you will face. You’ve waited so long for this feeling, others have talked about it and you’ve witnessed how some recovering alcoholics seem to beam when they speak about their new lives.

When you stop drinking you will be able to enjoy many things once again, things you used to do without even thinking twice. Chances are you will never take life’s simple pleasures for granted again.

If you are currently trapped by alcohol, if you know you have a problem and can’t seem to find the strength to do something about it, here are some of the things that you are missing out on.

1. Waking up early in the morning refreshed and listening to the birds sing while drinking your coffee or orange juice without any alcohol in it. Chances are you stay up late and when you do finally sleep its due to drinking yourself into submission. Waking up is difficult and getting sick is not unusual.

2. Driving your car sober or driving at all is a neat experience. You are finally able to relax when you drive. No more worrying if a cop will pull you over or if you smell of alcohol. You can actually drive confidently with others in your car including your loved ones. You may even go cruising for police spot checks!

3. You no longer need to worry about not being there for your family in a time of crisis. Have you ever been too drunk to answer the phone? What if it was an emergency? Perhaps someone close to you needs you desperately and you are too loaded to respond. What if there was a tragic situation you needed to deal with and you were passed out or blacked out? It happens.

4. You can make major life decisions without the need to have a bunch of alcohol in you to function. What if you needed to sell your home or business and you were to drunk to understand all the repercussions involved? Have you sat in front of your lawyer, banker or financial advisor while under the influence and tried to make the best deal possible for yourself while under duress? What a great feeling to be able to make important decisions without alcohol.

5. Being able to spend the day with your kid’s alcohol free at a major league sports game out of town and drive there and back smiling and laughing with them. If you’ve done this while under the influence then shame on you! You know the drill; take a little something extra with you so you can keep the edge off. Or perhaps you overdo it on the stadium beer and spend more time in lineups than you do in your seat. This way you can go to as many beer outlets under the stands as you need to and not draw suspicion. Not having this stress in your life anymore is priceless!

6. Rebuilding relationships and trust with those you love, being able to live up to your promises and falling in love all over again. You’ve consistently lied to everyone around you. You disappointed all of your loved ones again and again. You may have been unfaithful and broken your marriage vows. You have separated yourself from those who really mattered in your life and cut yourself off so you can drink alone. Your gratitude will be overwhelming when you get this part of your life back. It truly makes your withdrawal worth it!

7. Achieving a new milestone every year you are sober! The day you became alcohol free. The worst day of your life and the best day all at once. It can’t really be appreciated until you’ve earned it but that first year of sobriety is indeed cause for celebration. Have some cake, not a drink.

8. Being Stress free – finding the calm – losing the anger – regaining your health – The feeling is indescribable. You will ask yourself what took you so long to finally decide to do something about your drinking. You might have a drink in your hand right now while reading this page thinking you have no idea where to start looking for help. You’ll continue to drink until you pass out, once again depressed and not giving a damn about anyone, especially not yourself.

I’ve been where you are now. It’s dark and lonely, painful and hopeless. Your only companion is the bottle. Bow your head and ask for the courage to pick up the phone and call the number below and simply ask for help.

I want you to feel as good as I do!

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