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7 Tips To Handle An Alcoholic Spouse’s Relapse

Posted Sep 19 2010 10:22am

Are you living with an alcoholic? Have you gotten your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife to promise to quit drinking only to feel the wind go out of your sails when they have an alcoholic relapse days to weeks later.

Unfortunately, alcoholic relapse is part of recovery. Statistically, how common is relapse? In other words, is it possible your alcoholic spouse won’t relapse?

Here is the grim news: there is a 90% relapse rate the first year of sobriety. Sometimes, the alcoholic relapse is very brief and other times prolonged. What should you do? Here are 7 tips:

  1. Don’t make your alcoholic husband feel any guiltier than he already does. Stay connected to him in his recovery process.
  2. In addition to your support, encourage your alcoholic spouse to get support for their sobriety outside of the family such as Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings, therapy, or friends.
  3. Don’t increase your alcoholic wife’s stress by arguing or blaming or bringing up her past behavior. She is dealing with her own guilt and remorse.
  4. Let your alcoholic spouse vent about work or family issues. Listening in a non judgmental way helps a person feel nurtured and supported.
  5. Help your alcoholic spouse avoid triggers such as parties, Happy Hours, barbecues, or places where alcohol is served (especially early on in sobriety).
  6. Encourage your alcoholic wife to connect with her spiritual side. Faith is highly personal, but can help with sobriety.
  7. Encourage your alcoholic spouse to see a psychiatrist. Treating underlying anxiety or depression can significantly increase the chance of success in recovery (decreases the need to self-medicate)

The good news is that the longer your spouse stays sober, the easier it is NOT to have an alcoholic relapse. Your spouse is learning to live life without alcohol and this takes persistence and commitment.

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