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7 Hints Your Alcoholic Spouse Is Making You Depressed

Posted Apr 19 2011 5:50pm

Living with an alcoholic spouse is extremely stressful. You probably feel angry, frustrated, and resentful toward your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife. Over time, these feelings may trigger a clinical depression. You have felt bad for so long that it may be hard to recognize that you are depressed.  Here are 7 warning signs of clinical depression:

clinicaldepression 178x300 7 Hints Your Alcoholic Spouse Is Making You Depressed

1) Feeling sad or blue.

2) Experiencing insomnia- it can be difficult falling asleep and even more difficult staying asleep. If you are depressed, you do not feel rested when waking up in the morning.

3) Your appetite has either decreased or increased.

4)  You don’t look forward to things anymore. You used to enjoy being around your children, family, or friends, but now it feels like an obligation.

5) Your energy is low. The couch or your bed has become your great escape.

6) You have lost motivation. If you are working, you have lost your drive. If you are staying at home, you are watching TV too much and wasting time.

7) You find your self on the verge of tears or bursting into tears, maybe even in the car.

The feeling of helplessness that occurs when living with an alcoholic spouse can turn into depression. You are carrying the burden of the marriage. Your alcoholic spouse in obsessed with drinking while you obsess about saving your relationship. You are providing all the energy to keep things from falling apart,. No matter what you are tried, it hasn’t resulted in your spouse deciding to quit drinking.

Now you have lost the drive to try to help you alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife. If you are suffering from many of the symptoms mentioned above, you should seek professional help either from a psychologist or psychiatrist. Also, open up to friends and family for support and go to Al-Anon meetings where other people can relate to what you are going through.

If you want additional help turning your marriage around  click here to register for my free report on, “ 5 Proven Methods For a Healthier Marriage With Your Alcoholic Spouse”. It may save your family’s life. The information in this report gives you very simple strategies that could very well save your marriage.

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