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6 Risks Making Girls Vulnerable to Teenage Substance Abuse

Posted Jan 28 2011 12:28pm

sadteen 150x150 6 Risks Making Girls Vulnerable to Teenage Substance Abuse Teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse is on the rise for girls. What is contributing to girls turning to drugs and alcohol? There are a number of risk factors that make them more susceptible to teenage substance abuse.

Here are 6 risk factors contributing to girls suffering from teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse:

1. Girls turn to teenage drug and alcohol abuse to cope with depression. Hormones during puberty can trigger depression especially if the person is genetically predisposed.

2. There is significant bullying that occurs during the middle school years for girls. Most victims of bullying experience depression. Many girls self-medicate these symptoms . Teenage drug and alcohol abuse  is an attempt to feel better. Pain pill abuse in this population has sky-rocketed in numbers.

3. Teenage drug and alcohol abuse by girls is an attempt to cope with the intense feelings they are unable to manage after a break-up. A break-up is often their first experience with rejection and loss.

4. Many teenage girls these days have to deal with their parent’s divorce. They feel confused, lost, and angry and are more vulnerable to be victims of teenage substance abuse.  Many times parents are consumed with their own issues and aren’t tuned in their daughter’s difficulties.

5. The economic recession has had a deep impact on families. Some girls cope by teenage substance abuse.

6. Teenage girls have not learned the skills yet to work through every day emotional problems. Girls  tend to internalize feelings as opposed to boys who do not experience the same social pressures. Even a small slight from a peer, a poor grade, getting in trouble at home can lead to a lot of irritability in girls as a result of bottling up anger. Drugs and alcohol  become a way to numb their emotions.

It is important for parents to be aware of their daughter’s emotional temperament and what she is going through. Do everything you can to get your teen to talk to you. Try to listen without being judgmental. If you think there are any signs of depression or possibly drug or alcohol abuse, it is very important to get her professional help before the problem gets worse.

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