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5 Tips To Rebuild Trust With Your Alcoholic Spouse

Posted Nov 07 2010 8:09am

Once you are out of your own denial you have are married to an alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife, you realize you have lost all trust in your relationship.  Even when your alcoholic spouse decides to quit drinking and start the recovery process, you wonder how you can ever rebuild your relationship. Your alcoholic spouse has told you so many lies over the years. Basically, your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife has had an affair with alcohol.

Here are 5 tips how to rebuild your relationship with your alcoholic spouse once they quit drinking: 1. Don’t micromanage your alcoholic spouse. You cannot stop your spouse from drinking. Don’t try and control your spouse because that NEVER works.

2. Talk in a calm, open manner with your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife if you suspect they have had an alcohol relapse. Do not resort to angry accusations. Encourage your spouse to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

3. Do not be judgmental about your alcoholic spouse relapsing. An alcohol relapse is part of recovery. It is what your spouse learns from relapsing that is important.

4. Don’t put yourself in a position to compete with AA meetings or recovery. Your alcoholic spouse has to put recovery as top priority at the beginning of sobriety in order to succeed. You may feel left out at first, but the best healing for your relationship will be a spouse that is able to maintain sobriety.

5. Focus on yourself for a change. Go to Al-Anon meetings for support. Get rest. Eat well. Take up a hobby. Reconnect with friends. Get some basic needs met outside your relationship which is the most effective way to break codependency. Consider therapy to help you through this difficult time.

If you want additional help turning your marriage around  click here to register for my free report on, “ 5 Proven Methods For a Healthier Marriage With Your Alcoholic Spouse”. It may save your family’s life. The information in this report gives you very simple strategies that could very well save your marriage.

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