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5 Reasons Your Alcoholic Spouse May Choose To Quit Drinking

Posted Mar 14 2010 2:02pm

As you watch your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife drinking today, do you wonder what in the world will ever get them to quit drinking alcohol? Are you absolutely amazed at how much your alcoholic spouse can drink?

How and when did you spouse’s alcohol problem get so bad?

Should you give up on your marriage?

How long should you brew in your resentment before you pull the plug on your marriage?

Don’t lose hope. Here are the 5 most common reasons I see in my psychiatric practice that spur a person with an alcohol problem to  quit drinking alcohol:

  • Loss of job. For your alcoholic husband, this is a big one. Losing a job is losing his ability to support his family, his children. He may be risking losing his home. If his wife doesn’t work, this is an extremely stressful consequence.
  • A DWI. Legal consequences can be a huge wake up call to your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife. Any legal consequence is serious and carries financial consequences with it. In my experience, it often takes 2 DWI’s to get the attention of someone with a significant alcohol problem.
  • Loss of custody of your children. This consequence is a huge one, especially for an alcoholic wife (although it works both ways). The consequence of losing the legal right to care for your own children is huge and often drives an alcoholic spouse to give up alcohol.
  • Loss of relationship. Sometimes it takes an ultimatum such as “choose the marriage or chose alcohol”. You have to be willing to follow through on this one. Many times, the alcoholic spouse chooses their marriage, but not always.
  • A physical consequence from drinking such as pancreatitis or cirrhosis. Often the pain and suffering from these illnesses is enough to break through your alcoholic spouse’s denial about the severity of their alcohol problem.

Bottom line: Let your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife suffer the consequences of their disease. The sooner your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife reaches “bottom”, the sooner they will be willing to get help for their alcohol problem.

If you want your alcoholic spouse to quit drinking alcohol, quit protecting (enabling) them from the consequences of their disease.

(For additional help turning your situation around, click here to register for my free special report on, The 5 Most Effective Ways To Turn Your Marriage Around To Your Alcoholic Spouse. It may save your family’ life. The information in this report gives you very simple strategies that could very well save your marriage).

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