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3 Tips for Your Alcoholic Spouse’s Alcohol Cravings

Posted Jan 30 2010 8:59am

Does your alcoholic spouse want to quit drinking alcohol, but the cravings are too difficult to resist? This is a very common problem and is also a sign of alcohol dependence. I recommend a three tier approach to have the best chance of success.

#1 Make sure your alcoholic spouse is under the care of a medical professional to prevent alcohol withdrawal which can be life threatening depending on the degree of alcohol dependence. The cravings are much more intense if there are physical symptoms of alcohol dependence.

#2  Encourage your alcoholic spouse to attend an alcoholics anonymous meeting to get support from other alcoholics who have been through similar problems such as alcohol withdrawal, alcohol cravings, and alcoholism denial. At the same time, you should attend  an ananon meeting where you will get support.

#3  Your alcoholic spouse should be under the care of a psychiatrist or medical doctor familiar with addiction who can prescribe anti craving medications such as Campral or Revia (I explain all the medical details of quitting drinking in a simple language in my guidebook for spouses of alcoholics). The anti craving medications are most effective in conjunction with the prevention of alcohol withdrawal symptoms and a 12 step program.

(For additional help with an alcoholic spouse, please click here to get my absolutely free special report on the 5 Most Effective Ways to Turn Your Marriage Around to An Alcoholic Spouse. It may save your family’s life).

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