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2012 The-Line League continues

Posted Dec 28 2012 6:55am

Preseason Preview: After a record breaking campaign for 2011, the Moster Vodka Over-The-Line League continues regular season play this week. Returning from a successful campaign that gave him a share of the MVP honors, Pete "Crusher" Clement has been impressive in preseason play. His 4 homers and 15 RBI give him a clear leg up on the competition. Co-MVP in 2011 Jason Hockenbery has been quiet in the home run department, but has been making good contact. Just a matter of time before he breaks out for another record season. The two-time MVP remains the leagues all time leader in put-outs and has shown no signs of slowing down. Other stand outs in preseason play include   Charlie Bontempo with 3 home runs and a rejuvenated Brett Andrew who has added two homers to his resume. Pete Cal and Matt Clement also added a two long balls in exhibition. And then there is Scott "Skeletor" Harvey. Last year's home run champion and MVP runner up has been somewhat quiet in preseason. Although his two homers and 9 RBI do stand out, he has lacked the power we have seen in recent years in preseason. Is he on the decline or just waiting for the opportunity? Only time will tell. Other notables in preseason were Chris "Johnny" DeLang and newcomer Matt Kooba. DeLang continues to make good contact at the plate and drive in runs. Kooba joined the league in the last preseason day and had a gem. Hitting .700 with a homer and 8 RBI in his league debut as well as making several key defensive plays. Matt "Spiderman" Kooba is definetely one to watch this season.

There was anticipation felt in every camp on Tuesday night, as the MVBA All Stars were going to be announced. Batton down the hatches! Get the earthquake plastic survival kits out! Man the sail! And will someone PLEASE get Danny away from that glass window!!! The first half of the season was filled with with plenty of Semi Pro moments. Jeff Andrew has stepped into Hock's shoes, and filled them all the way to the tune of a 8.8 rebound average. He is your first-team MVBA Center. At forward, Sim Simma (Harvest) was a lock. His 12 point average was often found at the expense  Monster Beats Studio   of those who tested him on the block. At the other forward, it's the crafty and skilled Chad Coffman (Heshians). His play has pretty much spoken for itself. The backcourt is compromised of two players who possess the greatest hearts in the MVBA. Scott Harvey's (Cutters) defense and clutch shooting (including his game winning shot in Week 5) has propelled him past other inconsisent guards in the league. He is your MVBA Point Guard. The engine that makes them go - Jordan Thomas - the league leader with an impressive 20.1 PPG average. I'm sure he would trade that average for a MVBA Championship, though.

Take a look at rising ocean temps around the world that are shifting eco-systems. It's more complex than you are making it and time will tell if it's going to have Monster Headphones   a significant impact on the world in which future generations live. I personally don't want to turn my head the other way when we could be creating a situation that has negative ramifications on the world 25 years down road, just because I have a political bias toward a single politician.

Yes, it's way more complex than you are making it. We've colected 100 years of evidence out of 6000 years of recorded history. The English guy that started all this global climate change warming stuff took measurements he wanted and destroyed that which did not fit his supposition. Yes, we should protect the planet. yes, it is our only home, but get your story straight. Those with no beliefs will believe anything. If it's colder this year, it's colder. It's not because it's warmer. The Earth has cycles and we wee humans effect it about the size of a gnat hair is to the sun. Global warming scientists falsified evidence to propagate their agenda. Guess who has the most coal in the world? USA. Gues who has a great portion of the natural gas? We do. Think for just a moment who profits by making what we have in abundance look bad. The Europeans and the Russians. Think about ultimately where the money goes.

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