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The Urban Monk - a weird name, but it suits me. My passion is in exploring all areas of human potential. Growing mentally, emotionally, philosophically and spiritually; as well as training in boxing and martial arts led me to identify with monks. Still, we live in an urban environment, and in that... Full Bio
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The Obstacles to Forgiveness – Common Misunderstandings

Forgiveness is a major topic in religious, spiritual, and self-help circles; some teachings even say that forgiveness is the only thing we need....

A Compassion Practice – The Missing Link in Self-Healing?

Many people struggle with shame. Childhood experiences of shaming and of humiliation become internalised. Instead of seeing ourselves as...

Self-Blame and Taking Responsibility

The man sitting in front of me was sobbing, grabbing at his hair, gripped in the throes of self-hatred*. “It is all my fault. I’m a horrible...

A Little Fable for the Broken Hearted

A few weeks ago, I suddenly began reminiscing about the very first girl I had fallen in love with. It was more than a decade ago, when I was...

My Favourite Modalities and Techniques, Part 3

This post provides mini-reviews of my favourite healing modalities – except these ones haven’t been supported by the scientific community, and...
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