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My name is Alaina and I am the Jogging Concierge! I lost 30 pounds after college and yet I have kept it off even with my job as a hotel concierge. That means going out to eat and just enjoying the city! I love being healthy while still enjoying food and enjoying life!
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Race #30: Providence Jingle Bell 5K

Woo! I am done! I have successfully completed my 30 races in 2014 challenge! My final run was this past Sunday in Providence: The Jingle...

I Did It!!!

I finished my 30 races in 2014 challenge!! My last race was yesterday: the Providence Jingle Bell 5K. I’ll have a recap up by tomorrow...

RunHundred–Top 10 Workout Songs For December 2014

Only one more race to go!! I’m so excited to be done with this challenge. I’ll definitely do a recap when it’s all over, and next year will...

Race #29: Reindeer Run

Woo, only 1 more race to go! Yesterday I ran the Reindeer Run in Beverly. The weather was pretty miserable but the rain held off, for the...

Race #28: Whitin Five Miler

28 races down; only 2 to go! At this point, I’m really thinking that next year will be a year of rest in regards to running races. A big...

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